Your Way to Improve your Marketing Plan through Google+

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Do you want to market successfully on Google+? It’s time to know some best strategies to market on Google+. We will explain the eight best ways to improve your marketing plan on Google+. Social media is already a very crowded place. Google+ is a new addition to this social media community. But despite that, its users are growing day by day.

Google+ has more than 395 million active users worldwide, making it one of the most important platforms for marketing your business.


Few marketing strategies are explained below for your convenience.

  1. Strategy NO 1: Add Keywords
  2. Strategy NO 2: YouTube Integration
  3. Strategy NO 3: Storing Pictures
  4. Strategy NO 4: Life of Content
  5. Strategy NO 5: Sharing Images
  6. Strategy NO 6: Hashtags
  7. Strategy NO 7: Readers Attention
  8. Strategy NO 8: Sharing Posts

 Strategy NO 1: Add Keywords

The about page is the most essential and prominent page of any website. Viewers can get a whole idea of your business by seeing this page. So, add all relevant detail of your business here.

Also, add relevant keywords here. Add all the features and links to the different pages you want viewers to visit.

Adding SEO keywords also helps to hit the potential audience. SEO company India helps people in this regard.

Strategy NO 2: YouTube Integration

YouTube has a relationship with google+. Both of them are related. If you own a channel on YouTube, it’s good news for you that you can market your videos on Goggle+.

It’s a huge opportunity. If you share your videos with the audience on Google+, it will increase your channel views. Moreover, comments that people will make will appear on your YouTube videos comment section.

So, if you have an already established YouTube channel, you can reach more audiences, and if not, Google+ will help you increase your audience.

Strategy NO 3: Storing Pictures

Pictures consume a lot of your phone’s storage, and it’s hard to back them up. Google+ allows you to save your photographs, by creating your gallery.

Once you store all your pictures on Google+ image gallery, you are now free to delete those pictures from your mobile.

If you want to upload your pictures and do not have a safe space to store them, here you go, use Google+ to keep them. All those pictures will be safe even after you upload them.

 Strategy NO 4: Life of Content

Google+ as a feature Google+ Embedded Posts allows you to share your post on your blog.

It has enormous benefits. It increases your contents life. It is displayed on social media for a longer time and is visible to a larger audience.

Always share your content on different platforms for more engagement. If you share content on Google+ in your blog, it is directly linked to your profile of Google+. So, all the comments by your viewers will be visible on both platforms, on google+ posts and your blog.

Strategy NO 5: Sharing Images

Visual content is always eye-catching. Pictures increase audiences’ interest and engagement in your content. But all platforms have their restrictions to post images.

Some platforms crop or resize your image, and it becomes difficult to fit in that terms and conditions.

But Google+ has no such restrictions. You can share any image you want. It doesn’t ask you to edit your pictures as many other platforms demand.

Pictures have proved to be a perfect way to prove your point. The audience finds it easy to know the whole story through images.

So, take advantage of this feature and market your business in all possible ways.

Strategy NO 6: Add Hashtags

Hashtags are an excellent way to gain viewers’ attention and increase engagement. Like other social media platforms, hashtags also have a significant impact on Google+ content. You can reach your targeted audience by using relevant hashtags.

Through hashtags, people can reach faster to the topics they are interested in. So, find out all the trending hashtags. After you are done completing your content, use these hashtags in it so that it can reach your targeted audience.

You can also create content based on these hashtags, as it is a very convenient way to increase your audience and traffic.

Strategy NO 7: Readers Attention

Grabbing the viewer’s attention is the most time taking and exhausting job. Most people struggle to get enough attention on their content.

All other social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) does not allow you to format your post content to your personal preferences, due to which it is hard to grab attention on that post.

Time is crucial these days. People struggle to manage their time because they have a lot going on in their lives. So, saving their time should be your concern. If viewers get their desired information in less time, it’s convenient for them and saves time. Due to which they are automatically engaged in your content.


To succeed in marketing on social media, try to make scannable content. Google+ has this feature to format your content to make it eye-catching and noticeable. You can use some variables to highlight specific words. You can draw your viewers’ attention to the essential terms and lines by doing this.

Strategy NO 8: Sharing Posts

Time is essential for marketers as they have to do more work in less time. So, they should find out more ways to save time to finish their pending tasks. Google+ saves your time by allowing you to share your posts.

By Google+, you can increase your company’s reach and generate revenue. Create your post and post it on the Google+ page of your company. Now you can post or link this to other platforms if you want. Also, your team can do the same.

This saves your time and effort and increases views on your posts. Adopting such innovative techniques is beneficial for marketing your business. It gives you more benefits in less time.


Google+ is not a replacement for your existing marketing strategies. It’s an addition to it. It offers remarkable features which give you limitless opportunities to market your business. Always consider Google+ while making your marketing plans, as it has a vast potential to boost your business.

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