WWE Wrestlers Who are No Longer With Us In 2018

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I have been a wrestling fan for over when I saw my first wrestling PPV in 1995, Summerslam. Since wrestling in the UK is broadcasted live from America, our only option was to beg our parents to let us stay up late on a Sunday night (which was never an option). Since it was summer holiday’s however, I was granted permission to stay up until 3am. I remember watching Summerlam 1995, with my three uncles, who were also big wrestling fans. Watching Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon battling it out in one of the best ladder matches was of course thrilling at any age and ever since I was compelled to watch old and new wrestling (mainly WWF/E), borrowing VHS tapes and saving up my pocket money to buy others. I continued to watch through the New Generation, the Attitude Era to the early naughties and even until now to the somewhat lackluster WWE Network era. This Channel is dedicated to the many years of gaming and that Soap Opera we call ‘Wrastling’ that have been my companion of entertainment throughout the years. WWE Wrestlers Who are No Longer With Us In 2018

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