Working for BPO is an attractive career path for fresh Graduates and Mid – Level Executives

Working for BPO is an attractive career path for fresh Graduates and Mid – Level Executives

The Business Outsource Processing (BPO) industry in the Philippines has made leaps and bounds in the recent years. This has resulted in considerable economic gains and millions of jobs for Filipinos.

Here are some reasons that should compel fresh graduates to go for BPO as their starting point to a suitable career path!


It’s a stable industry

While other industries are disappearing because of the rapidly changing global business landscape, the BPO industry is continuing to grow and expand. A lot of new players are exploring this lucrative option with many foreign companies investing in the Philippines.

This translates to job security and financial stability for employees in this sector. That is certainly good news in this ever-changing and unpredictable job market.

Pay and Benefits are Competitive

A call center agent will usually get a starting salary equivalent to PhP15, 000 per month. Night shift workers even get a night gift or night differential pay. The benefits are also an attractive incentive which can include health insurance and allowances for rice, transportation, and clothing. That’s not bad especially if you are a fresh graduate looking for a great career with good earning potential.

Be ahead of the game with best practices

Since most BPO companies have foreign companies as clients, an employee is exposed to advanced practices in different industries. This is a great learning opportunity for a new employee as not all companies provide this kind of exposure. BPO companies also reward their employees with career growth opportunities so you know that all of your hard work will actually result in something greater.

There is an abundance of available jobs in the BPO industry so it would definitely be a good option to explore.

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