Why Your Work Experience Matters For An MBA Degree

Why Your Work Experience Matters For An MBA Degree

These days the best business schools expect their candidates to have prior work experience. This is because most MBA programs are designed to enhance the knowledge that management professionals already possess due to their jobs. Here are three advantages that having prior work experience will give you:


Effective Leadership:

One of the important factors of any work experience is your leadership. You don’t need to be in a managerial position to showcase your leadership abilities. What the best MBA colleges in Bangalore and other cities are looking for is a resume that showcases the various activities you have taken up to enhance your leadership qualities. Since MBA colleges are trying to empower future leaders, it’s important for them to see that you have potential that they can improve upon.



Most MBA students who have considerable past work experience, usually know the career they want to pursue. For instance, someone who has worked as a marketing professional for 4 years, would want to do an MBA so he can become a marketing manager. This student, will walk into class focused and determined to soak in all the information he is receiving so as to utilize it to his maximum benefit.


Your previous work experience alongside your MBA degree will give you the edge that other MBA graduates might not have. Your determination to grow and develop throughout your MBA degree will show through in your resume since you will be active in class and also take up leadership activities.

All in all, the higher your work experience, the better your results after your MBA. There is no reason for you to debate the pros and cons of doing an MBA once you have entered the job market. Start preparing for the various MBA entrance exams now.  Best of luck!


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