WordPress AMP Integration for A Seamless Mobile/User Experience

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Greater web traffic and conversions is a dream for every individual who deals online. Also, due to the diverted shift of purchasing from mobile platforms, it has become quite challenging to cope up with the arousing competition for business professionals.

Almost, more than half of the users are surfing through mobile devices for products’ searching and purchasing online. Considering this growth, mobile-first websites have been a hot topic over the past several years.

Many of the business owners are constantly in a lookout for different ways to make a mobile-friendly website. However, a few of them achieves the same due to many discrepancies left.

Apparently, there are many ways that are apt to make your website mobile-friendly and out of those, AMPs or accelerated mobile pages are amongst the popular ones.

This piece of writing is all about emphasizing on AMPs and its benefits involved while integrating into your WordPress powered store. Let’s get a brief introduction to AMP!

What are AMPs?

AMPs or Accelerated Mobile Pages help your web pages to load as quickly as possible on mobile platforms.

These significantly helps you to improve user experience along with Google’s search engine rankings for your respective website.

The faster page load times eventually increases the chances your users shall stay on your website longer, engage in a better way, and potentially complete the purchase from it.

AMP HTML (for custom HTML tags), AMP Styling (develop a deploy-ready website), and AMP JavaScript (helps replacing existing JS for easy and fast loading websites) are the three main components on which overall structure of these pages depends.

With AMPs, you also don’t need to alter the primary code structure to achieve higher performance occurrences.

You can consult any leading WordPress development company to carry on with the process of implementing AMPs in a powerful and effective way.

Why do you need AMPs for your WordPress website?

A powerful search engine like Google is pushing it hard to focus on AMPs. Additionally, below are some of the compelling benefits of powerful AMP integration in your WordPress powered website:

1. Fast loading mobile pages

With an increasing no. of mobile users every year, it has become essential to reach your target audience over the same platform i.e. mobile devices.

And, page load speed issues are not only limited to desktop websites but they have also become crucial for mobile devices as well.

AMP is an open-source initiative by “Google” and it is primarily designed to enhance your website performance on mobile devices.

It is done by simply altering the web page architecture and the addition of client-side cache via service workers.

2. Enhanced SEO rankings (for mobile devices)

The other core benefit of implementing AMPs in your WordPress website is increased mobile rankings. It is eventually a result of the latter i.e. fast loading mobile pages.

Over the past many years, Google has kept ‘load speed’ as a crucial factor to rank the websites in its search results. Thus, if you wish to stay ahead in mobile search results competitively then you can try out AMPs for your respective website.

There are different approaches to setup AMPs. Below, I have tried to come up with the best way around. Let’s have a look.

An easy and hassle-free approach for AMPs is to choose an appropriate plugin. It shall save you to perform the actions manually.

WordPress offers you a wide range of AMP plugins that are easy to access and install. ‘AMP for WP’, ‘All in One SEO Pack’ are amongst the best ones available for your consideration.

Prior to install or activate any of the AMP plugins, you need to keep a backup or clone of your current website so that you can restore it later if process goes wrong.

With this, we have come to an end of our article with a conclusion that if we wish to succeed in today’s smartphone-dominated world, we should make it our priority to follow and practice latest trends involved.

At last, I hope that you find this article useful and in case of any question or concern, you can contact me anytime. I would love to hear from you.

Randip Dhiman

I am an eCommerce web developer and specialize in eCommerce web design and development services with 5+ years of comprehensive experience.
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