Why Isn’t The Dishwasher Draining?

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Our lives have become extremely busy. We are overloaded with tons of responsibilities. There are kids who are waiting to be fed, office duties and a thousand other work, which needs to be done. This is the reason why you do need your dishwasher in a running condition. Get in touch with a reliable domestic plumber in Shepperton and get rid of a problematic dishwasher.

Plumbers can help you in many ways. They can assist you with blocked drains in Shepperton, bathroom renovations in Shepperton, and more. However, what we are going to talk about today is a dishwasher problem and why you should call a plumber to resolve the draining issue.

In case your dishwasher has suddenly stopped working, the first thing that you need to do is stop panicking. The reason could be tiny, and there are experienced technicians and plumbers who can clear out the drainage problem.

The dishwasher can clog in different places, and the reasons could be multiple as well. Here are the three most common reasons why your dishwasher is plugged.


Check near the filter basket for the drain hose. The drain usually connects with the sink or the garbage disposal. Usually, residues start to build up with time and soon turn into a clogged sludge.

It is not unknown that hose clogs do affect the performance of the overall dishwasher and also all the other appliances that are connected to it. We will recommend you to use a flashlight to check the tube. In case there is any build-up, then try cleaning it.

Clogged Filters

To check for more clogging issue, check out the lowest filters. This is the first place you should generally look for to find out clogged filters. Take a look inside the dishwasher. There is a sump, and there you will see two filters. One is a bigger basket shape filter, and the second is a mesh filter. The water gets drained out from the two filters. To clean the debris, all you got to do is remove the filters and then wash them gently with soapy water. After the filter is cleaned, things should get back to normal.

Other Issues

Sometimes, the dishwasher will fail to drain water properly because of other problems, and you will notice that the problem lies with the home pipes and not precisely with the dishwasher. And this is when you will need to call a plumber.

The basic answer to fixing these issues is to visit https://jltplumbing.com.au/ and call an experienced plumber for these issues and also for irrigation Shepperton.

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