Why is Serviced Office Space Better than Other Workplace?

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The Serviced space is that asset which can be customized according to the requirement. In fact, it suits the phrase; “plug and work” perfectly. The facilities you can have under the shelter of serviced office are fully equipped rooms, meeting space, cafe, restrooms, security, and back-up support. Space can immediately come under your control once you have done a lovely conversion (mutual understanding on fee structure) with the owner.

The Serviced office in KL is available in different layouts or size, but it’s you who decides which region suits you more according to your working hours. These days, maximum firms are switching to serviced offices instead of traditional workspaces.

A Virtual office in KL comes up with all the features that you have in traditional offices but with a slight difference along with better options. Let’s explore the deep difference between serviced office spaces or other workspaces:

See in a normal business, you have to pay rent of meeting room monthly whether you used it once or every day. Whereas in virtual offices, pay rent whenever you used the meeting room. Directly, it saves your bank account!! Moreover, in serviced space, you need not sign a contract for a longer time period. But usually, if you rent a workstation you have to make a contract for at least 1 year or more; it can create trouble for you when you’re in a mood to switch the business or location because of losing traffic to your firm.

The top benefits of using serviced space instead of other workstations:


The cost-effective feature of the serviced office makes the business flexible, which means any time you can put the scale up or down. There is no boundary to resist for a long term and it’s an incredible attribute of this type of office space.

Nearby Location:

Scroll the location close to your home or office will shut down the time we consume on transportation. The location near to bank, restaurants, cafes would be beneficial for you.

Maintenance Services:

Serviced office avoids the maintenance as well as cleaning services. You’re free from regularly upgrade the interior of traditional offices.

Comfortable Life:

Serviced office space offers you a comfortable plus slightly good lifestyle you can enjoy over the other workstations.

Sufficient Space:

Maximum time, you have observed, a small section of the building converted into a company. It looks like chicks are gathered in a room. In these circumstances, it’s hard to concentrate on your work. Proper space is allotted under the serviced office.

The coolest Co-working space in KL will give you a pleasant environment to enjoy the work without any stress. Colony shares lovely space for start-ups and small to large companies. For creators, co-working space is a real opportunity to design their dream into reality. Shake your hand with this platform to lead the productivity.


A colony is Malaysia's luxury coworking space and serviced office borne out of a desire to do more and do better.
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