Why DIY Drain Cleaning Is Not A Good Idea

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There is a reason why people consider industrial plumbing services and avoid cleaning drain on their own. We do agree that there are many DIY videos which let you clean your sink, tub, showers, and more. However, cleaning drain is entirely different. With the countless number of commercials tempting you to buy a cleaner and start cleaning the drain all by yourself, here’s bad news for all, drain cleaning is not that easy as you thought it to be.

Another bad news is that companies who manufacture these chemicals for drain cleaning will never tell you how harmful they are for your skin and overall health. Even though it is written on the bottle that it is safe to use, you should never try to use these chemicals on your own. Let the experts who have years of experience in dealing with commercial plumbing in Victoria tackle with drain cleaning. These cleansers are toxic, and that’s why you should keep them away from your skin as far as possible. Experts plumbers come with the necessary equipment, and they can help you clean the drain effortlessly.

Quick Tips:

If you feel that the drains are working fine, however, are becoming a little slow and if you are someone who regularly cleans the drain monthly, to keep them away from gunk, then here are some easy things that you can do without using the toxic cleaners.

Hot water:

The easiest way to clean the drain to remove gunk is by pouring hot water and not boiling water. First, pour some hot water followed by cold water to flush out all the unwanted things from the drain. Hot water will help the clogs to melt, while cold water will help you to flush out the clogs.

By using baking soda and vinegar

There is another easy home remedy to clean your drain without getting into any kind of trouble. Simply pour half a cup of baking soda right down the drain followed by another half a cup of vinegar. Now, plug the sink and don’t use it. Let the chemicals sit there for the night. The next day, flush the drain and use hot water. This will work flawlessly and try doing this once a month.

Call the experts always  

Even though there are a lot many videos online teaching you different ways to clean your drain, these techniques are never reliable, mainly because you don’t know how dangerous one particular chemical can be. Don’t risk your health. The suggestion we made above are for a temporary solution and if you want a robust drain cleaning service, then give a call to https://jltplumbing.com.au/ for our bespoke Shepparton plumbing services.

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