Why are developers so obsessed with WordPress themes?

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Surprisingly, over 30% of websites are built on WordPress theme across the world and continuously increasing day by day. Various features and easy modification techniques allures developer to opt for a WordPress theme. Even big giant companies, namely, TechCrunch, The New Yorker, BBC America, etc. are also accepted WordPress theme. Free WordPress ecommerce themes, vast community, contemporary themes, and plugins are the reason which highlights the use of WordPress theme.

Earlier WordPress theme was only used for blogging purposes, but now people are using for creating websites as well due to the above advantages. eCommerce WordPress theme, travel theme, the business theme has changed the way, and a developers rushed towards the WordPress theme. Even the bifurcation in a subject such as free WordPress ecommerce themes and premium ecommerce WordPress themes lure the attention of beginners and professional users.

Open-source platform

WordPress themes are open source that means everyone can use it and make some changes according to their needs. You can download WordPress code and modify it exactly you want. Even you can upgrade the security level as per the requirement of your site. It also true that you do not need to pay any license fee for your WordPress theme. When a company is in the initial phase and doesn’t have a budget, for them, WordPress is the best solution for developers to use free WordPress ecommerce themes.

A plethora of plugins and theme

Undeniably, WordPress consists of numerous amount of different plugins and themes. Even for various purposes, they have differentiated their theme, such as eCommerce WordPress themes, Job board themes, Q&A websites, etc. Additionally, you can see the preview and demo for all the themes to understand the features and check the layout. To use those WordPress themes and plugins, you should have done thorough research that for what kind of site you are referring to themes.

Mobile friendly 

Another inspiring reason to choose WordPress is, it is a mobile responsive by default. Several people are searching for websites through mobile devices. Whatever you create with the help of WordPress will automatically support all devices. As people are moving toward mobile-friendly work, so this feature will reduce the task of the developer. Unlike HTML, you don’t need to write code for a mobile responsive site. It has pre-specified themes that will be automatically adjusted according to the size of devices. 

Search engine friendly

After creating the website, the step is to keep at the top list in the search engine. Hence, WordPress has the facility which will optimize the work of SEOs to make the website high-ranked. However, you have to keep updating the content on the website to maintain the ranking of the website. If we talk about the attractiveness of the site, then WordPress themes have a beautiful and exciting theme that helps to attract users.

Large community support

As I said earlier, more than 30% of websites are created using WordPress theme, in case you need any technical help, then it will be easy to get in touch with them. WordPress is ancient technology over a decade ago, and many people are still connected with the same field. They do post some new updates and latest news. Hence, their discussion forum helps to be in touch with them, and it is evident that while writing code, you face some problems which you have never encountered. Now, this kind of group is the only resource to resolve this. Even this type of support motivates them to keep working in the same field and achieving more success. This kind of community helps to maintain your WordPress sites in the future with ease.

Strong security

Privacy is an essential part of the ecommerce site because there are so many transactions that are performed using the same site. WordPress provides several plugins to protect the site from spam attacks. WordFence, BulletProof Security, Sucuri Security are the best plugins for security. Although some of them are paid, security aspects should be maintained. The developer can even modify the security setting as well, who should be given what kind of priority in the eCommerce WordPress themes. Both the premium ecommerce WordPress themes, free WordPress eCommerce themes are modifiable as per the need.


These reasons would be enough to convenience for developers to stick with the WordPress theme. Hence, WordPress has become the most preferred and easy way of designing websites with minimal efforts and time. WordPress is also easy to maintain in future, in case of an update, modification, keep the site content fresh and clean. Low cost, security features, a variety of themes, technical support encourages the developers to use different WordPress theme.


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