Who can apply for Canada work visa from India?

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Growing number of Canadians are withdrawing from the labor force. As a result, the Canadian government and Canadian companies are increasingly looking for skilled foreign workers to help cover thousands of Canadian job offers across the country. In order to attract thousands of skilled foreign workers who can immediately integrate into the Canadian economy, the Federal Workers’ Program (FSWP) has been established to offer a long-term Canada work visa (ie, a permanent residence visa in Canada) to foreign nationals in various management jobs, professionals and highly demanded techniques that often require university or university education or other advanced training.

The past process of selecting immigration for a work visa for Canada did not respond adequately to the changing needs of Canada’s dynamic labor market. Several qualified foreign workers have had difficulty finding work in their field and some employers have also encountered difficulties in finding workers with the skills and qualifications they need. Therefore, the Government of Canada, in consultation with Canadian entrepreneurs and several experts, has examined the requirements of the Federal Qualified Work Program (FSWP) to offer a permanent resident (PR) visa in Canada to qualified foreign workers who are in a position to meet the needs of companies across the country and to find work in Canada in their particular sector. Not only have the requirements to be applied for the FSWP been updated, but the Canadian immigration system has also been improved to offer a Canada work visa to the most qualified FSWP candidates through the new Canadian “Fast Entry” immigration system. It was officially launched in January. 1, 2015.

Who can apply for the FSWP?

The Canadian government announced its goal of issuing a permanent resident (PR) visa for Canada between 142,500 and 176,000 “economic immigrants” in 2019 through several Canadian immigration programs, such as the Federal Program for Skilled Workers (PMS). Qualified foreign workers and their eligible family members who receive a PR visa for Canada through the PAS are allowed to live and work in Canada in the long term, receive free basic medical care (after a short waiting period), access programs education and have the opportunity to enjoy the high standards of living for which Canada is famous. Another great advantage of receiving a PR visa for Canada through the FSWP is the possibility to apply for Canadian citizenship after living in Canada as a permanent resident for at least four years and fulfilling other criteria!


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