Where to Start When You Want to Optimize Your Health

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Each year starts with the same promise – This time I’m gonna eat clean, exercise and take care of myself. However, these resolutions are lost along the way. We lose sight of these easily and go back to our old ways. But, these changes do not have to be so hard if you know how to optimize your health.

Check your body score

If you truly want to optimize your health, you should perform a full body composition analysis. Such analysis gives you an insight into your body mass, muscles, and body fat percentage. A healthy woman has between 25% to 31% of body fat, while a man has between 18% to 24%. If your results are above or below these numbers, you should take charge of your habits. Such analysis can be eye-opening and might force a person to change their habits.

These tests are usually done at fitness centers whenever you become a member. There are also many smart scales intended for use at home. These can be connected to fitness trackers so you can adjust your habits to your fitness goals and needs. 

Start moving more

Our body needs movement just like it needs air. If you are a fitness newbie, explore things until you find what works for you. Make sure that this physical activity has both the elements of cardio and strength training. High-intensity interval training is also known as HIIT is a combination of both. You can also separate cardio and strength training into three or four separate sessions. 

Just remember that any physical activity is better than none. In addition to this, it has to be something you enjoy and like doing. This way, you won’t perceive something you must do. It should be a voluntary activity you enjoy.

Evaluate your diet

If you eat whatever you want, whenever an opportunity presents itself, chances are that your diet is unhealthy. To truly optimize your health, start by evaluating your diet. If your meals do not involve lots of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, and fiber, then you should change your eating patterns. To pick a suitable diet, define your goal. 

It can be weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain or maintaining current weight. Next, define the number of calories your body needs on a daily basis to function properly and provide a source of energy. Then, pick a diet type that aligns with your goals and divide macros according to your calories. Lastly, your main goal should be to follow this diet to reach your goal and maintain it. 

Take care of your smile

Even though oral health is important to our overall health and well-being, people usually neglect it. This results in cavities, tooth decay, tooth loss, gum disease, and even cancer. In order to prevent this, people should visit their dentist twice a year. Also, if a person loses a tooth or two due to tooth decay, they can fix this and start smiling again. 

A smile can easily be restored with the help of professionals at Oceanic Dental Lab. High-quality partial chrome dentures might be the solution to your problem. These dentures will improve your appearance and completely restore the beauty of your smile. This will further improve your confidence and make you smile again. 

Prioritize restorative sleep

When we were younger, we bragged with our abilities to pull an all-nighter. However, such a practice should stay safe in our memories, and not in the present tense. Sleep restores our body, recharges our energy, improves our cognitive function and makes us less stressed and happier. Restorative sleep should be prioritized above everything else. 

When we achieve REM and deep sleep our body gets the most renewal. Deep sleep restores our emotions and stimulates cell growth. It also improves our immune system. REM cycle affects our memory, learning ability, and emotional processing. We should form our daily habits around the same sleep schedule to achieve the best restorative sleep. The mentioned processes happen during sleep that lasts from 7 to 9 hours.

Stay hydrated

When you drink enough water throughout your day you focus sharpens, you do not overeat and feel tired. Our body needs water to work well and to cool off, so make sure you drink two to three liters a day. Water helps remove toxins from your body and aids your digestion. So, if you don’t drink enough water, try using a water bottle. Set an hourly reminder to drink water. The water bottle will also serve s an indicator of how much water you need to drink by the end of the day. Use this trick to stay hydrated at all times.

These tips are among the main building blocks of proper health. If you’ve been wondering what it takes to optimize your health, start with our tips. Make sure to purge all bad habits and invite these new and improved ones that will push your health to the next level.

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