What Are the Pros and Cons Of Using ReactJS

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The two most popular technologies among online businesses are React and Angular. But still, there are a lot of things that make it better over the Angular. In this article, I am going to help you to know all the pros and cons of the React.

A Glance of React JS-

Also named as React JS was formed by Jordan Walke in 2011. He was then worked with Facebook.  It was initially used by Facebook itself for newsfeeds and then Instagram adopted it in 2012. By react app development, webmasters and other owners of businesses offering online services can build heavy web solutions that change data while reloading pages. Basically, it is used for those who need a framework that is expandable, quick and easy. In addition, the speed of this option is more than Angular.

An open-source JavaScript (JS) library applied to build single-page applications for user interfaces. On the other hand, It is used by webmasters to check the view layer of all the online software solutions.  They also use it to build UI components that are reusable. Therefore, it is also popularly used for marketing industries such as- SEO, etc. Let’s start it with all the important features that you must know before choosing this great platform.

A Quick Lookout on All Important Features of React JS

It uses JSX to create a template instead of using common JavaScript. JSX is a very easy JavaScript that allows HTML valuing. By practicing the HTML syntax, JSX assists to administer subcomponents. Due to the unique features, it allows the experts to form a unique data structure that supports to estimate the initial changes. This is the reason the coders can easily code and find bugs.

Pros- React is the platform that was created to build front-end web app development easier. Despite this, it offers many other advantages over other frameworks. To learn a new framework is not an easy task and to get better results, the front-end community is changing every day. Due to its features and results, it is SEO- friendly.

  • Easy to Learn and Master for New Techbees- As per the masters of these front-end professionals, it is much easier to learn in comparison with other front-end frameworks. People having basic knowledge of coding and programming language can easily get it. It is comprised of CSS and HTML.

  • Simple Framework- If compared with other libraries or frameworks, it is much simpler to use. Properly explained lifecycle and component-based programs are responsible for the simple framework of React. Initial and primary coding principles is enough to develop any type of online application solution.

  • Code Components Can be Reused- It is believed to be the biggest pros which help the programmers to use the same code again at any time. This automatically saves the time of the experts. In addition, if certain changes are made by experts, they need not change the whole code again. Hence, these benefits make the programming easier and precise for business owners.

Cons of React-

  • Inadequate Documentation- Due to the addition of new tools that are being released makes the documentation poor. According to the professionals, they don’t get much time to make proper documentation because of its rapidity.

In other words, it affects development processes.

  • View Part- As mentioned above, it is used to develop an effective user interface, but it has some adverse impact as well. Like- experts need to depend on other technologies as well.

  • Require More Codes in Some Cases- It is seen by the programmers that in some cases, the need for codes has been increased which itself is a con for React.


From the above points, you may get the full-fleshed view of all the pros and cons of ReactJS. To know the benefits of this framework for your web or mobile application, contact and hire React.js developers that are expert programmers.

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