What are Magic Spells?

What are Magic Spells?

Like for example if someone wants to cast a black magic spell then the words that will be used for spell casting will be evil and negative because of which negative energy is released in the atmosphere and this is the reason that the desired effect of the spell will also be evil.

Similarly if you are spell casting white magic spells, then the magic spell words that you will be using will be soft, gentle and positive and so the energies that will go to the universe will be positive and so the effect of the spell will also be positive.

As our Universe a very strong and powerful Magnetic field full of energies good and bad. And it is these words that we use, transforms into energies and then used by the Universe to give us negative or positive results.

So now it is clear that how Magic Words play an important role in Magic Spells Casting.

Remember Words that we use in everyday life are more stronger and powerful then any lethal weapon. For example whenever you comment on something or say a word, what you are doing is unknowingly you are sending energies in the universe, and that’s why never curse or say bad or evil to any one even when you are in a bad mood as unknowingly you are sending negative energies in the universe and sometimes what you say happens this is because unknowingly the spell is manifested.

So in future you may think before you say anything to anyone.

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