What are cellophane bags and their advantages over plastic

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I’m sure you’ve been to a shop before, we all have. Shops are essential because without them you wouldn’t be reading this but anyway, do you eat packed foods ever? Studies have shown that 90% of people in the UK do eat packaged food. So, let’s talk about Cellophane bags, possible alternatives to plastic bags. Cellophane bags have been praised for eco friendliness but they are also a bit more expensive.

Cellophane bags are biodegradable as Cellophane is biodegradable. Plastic, however is not and so logically it is a better alternative to plastic. Cellophane does not let air, grease, oils or even bacteria to pass through it which makes it good for food packaging. Let us talk in detail about the advantages Cellophane has over plastic.

Eco friendliness

This might seem a cliché point to make but it is very important. Plastic is a threat to the environment and that is why plastic bags have been banned in tens of countries by now. Cellophane bags are eco friendly as they are made from cellulose mostly and it is biodegradable.

Better for food packaging

Cellophane is not very permeable to bacteria, air or water and therefore, is good choice for food packaging. If you buy something in New Zealand, you are very likely to get a cellophane bag instead of a plastic bag. It is also semi permeable to moisture which keeps the food “alive”.

Various uses

While plastic bags can only be used in the traditional bag form, cellophane can be made into cellophane films and cellophane bags to package all kinds of food.


You can wash your cellophane bag and use it for a while. It does hold up pretty well.

There are some disadvantages as well, for example bags turning yellow or tearing apart easily but those are minute hitches compared to the benefits it provides.

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