Wash Care Labels That Matters for Every Clothing and Garment Product

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Despite the fact, wash care labels are the small solutions to big problems as it provide guidelines to customers about the apparel care as well as best cleaning procedures that to be used for a particular combination of fabric, thread decoration, and construction techniques. Wash care labels are the assurance that the appearance of the garment will be maintained after its repeated cleaning treatments.

From the wash care label manufacturers‘ point of view, any damage to garments from an incorrect cleaning method can lead to complaints, costly customer returns, and bad image whereas an accurate and clearly written wash care labels can prevent customer dissatisfaction. Generally, garments with wash care labels are often preferred over garments.

Things you should know about wash care labels

The labels must be permanently attached to the garment products as they are easily accessible to the consumer at the point of purchasing the garment and clothing products. Wash care labels generally placed on the side or bottom. Consequently, wash care labels inform consumers on the correct care labelling through a system of uniform and simple symbols which is independent of language.

Wash care labelling based on principles:

It should provide desired information on the maximum permitted type of treatment and should be used in full and in the prescribed sequence. Moreover, it should be clear, readily understandable, easy to use, and not dependent on any particular language. Garment and clothing products always comes with the washing instructions on the label as these labels explain the recommended method for washing and drying. Though, the instructions are usually dependent on the fabric type.

Wash care label manufacturers

In the rapidly growing world, it is very difficult to find the perfect wash care label manufacturers that provide quality care labels and clothing hang tags for your garment and clothing industry.

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