Waisome Management Group partners for kilowatt currency payment platform using innovative first patent pending technology

For Immediate Press Release:


Waisome Management Group partners with potential external stakeholders to develop rehabilitation technology concepts and identify potential pilot sites for commercial entry, patent-pending innovative first technology platform.


Software Solutions is a kilowatt currency program and mobile application which communicates with the wearable/sensor devices to capture data as well as allow for remote communication. Waisome Management Group is now interested in partnerships in order to setting up it’s prepaid crypto currency fuel-backed chip from energy entity with unused/surplus energy capacity arrangement with entity. Keep in mind that crude oil subscriber/trader/underwrites unused capacity with block chain/and/or blocked-funds for ex. crude oil benchmark fully backed petro purchase is a good fit depending on P/L and balance sheet viewing and analysis for possible merger and acquisition. Please contact us further on this link below: https://eekca.com/contact



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