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These days, there is a large collection of all kind of Ethiopian videos found on Just by entering the right keywords, you can search different Ethiopian videos on However, it is very hectic and time-consuming to search and find the right Ethiopia video you want.

To find the right video, one should have to know how to play with keywords. There are some popular and mostly used keywords to search Ethiopian videos such as ethiopian youtube, youtube Ethiopia, youtube amharic music, youtube ethiopian music, youtube new amharic music, youtube videos Ethiopia, and many more.

In the word of internet, there are many application and websites to rescue you from such time-consuming activities. Ezega Entertainment at is one of them. Ezega Entertainment is one of the top websites visited by thousands of music lovers over internet. is the premier Ethiopian portal that started in 2007 in Silicon Valley, USA, California, to provide many popular online services to the Ethiopian community at abroad and home, such as jobs, entertainment, education, real estate, social networking, blogs, sharing pictures & links, health and fitness and so much more. It has branch offices in Ethiopia, Addis, Ababa, as well as in California, Silicon Valley, USA.

Any of the services the site offers are free of cost. You only need to register and enjoy the services. Ezega Entertainment has thousands of Ethiopian videos of all varieties, selected for you by Ezega staff from time to time. On this website, you will get videos categories by topic or type, like Oromo Music, Amharic Music, Tigrigna Music, Ethiopian Reggae, Ethiopian Comedy, Guragigna Music, Old Ethiopian Music, Ethiopian Hip Hop, etc. All come under music and entertainment category. News & Current Affairs, Business & Economy, Politics etc come under News and Society category. You only need to explore every category as per your interests.

About Ezega: offers all in one platform for your entertainment needs. Visit the official website at to get more information about Ethiopian culture, videos, events, and services offered by the wensite.

Your suggestions, comments and questions are always welcome on Email [email protected] You can also call 0912-706091 for any questions or further information.

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