Virtual Private Server- Combining Shared and Dedicated Hosting

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VPS hosting consists of a server with a copy of its own operating system and server resources inside a bigger server. The entire basis of VPS is virtualization technology that enables a powerful service to be divided into several virtual servers. While the physical server is shared, the services provide an element of privacy. A virtual server is solely reserved for a particular user who does not have to share any data, RAM or CPU.

Benefits for Users

  • VPS hosting means that there is guaranteed performance with dedicated resources such as bandwidth, storage, RAM and CPU.
  • Better security is provided for sites as websites are hosted within an isolated environment. This means what happens to a user does not affect other users.
  • With full root access to the server, this is similar to dedicated hosting.

Using VPS Hosting Services

VPS hosting provides the ideal combination of privacy, affordability, security, performance and pricing. Some of the benefits gained when using UK server hosting include:

  • Same level of services as a dedicated server
  • Private hosting environment within which the VPS server functions
  • Better access to the server with more control
  • Fast server setup
  • Shared costs

Reasons for VPS Hosting


When adding more content to a site, it is likely for the speed to slow down over time. This is particularly true for sites that depend on operations that are database intensive. It is important to consider a plan upgrade if process times are increasingly longer.

Additionally, websites experience more traffic over time. A popular site can expect an increase in traffic rates and this means that an existing hosting plan may not have the ability to manage this volume of traffic. UK server hosting is an upgrade that serves as the most ideal next step at this point.


Getting error messages continually probably means that services are not available to customers and visitors as well. This means that the memory on the server is not sufficient because other users are accessing the resources. In such cases, moving to UK VPS hosting is a good idea.


If someone is unfortunate enough to get onto a server that faces several attacks against other websites hosted there, the situation can become challenging. The host may struggle to deal with the situation but the best alternative is to switch to UK VPS.

Operating System

Complete root access with a VPS hosting plan makes it possible to install and customize software that is required to optimize the overall hosting experience. Flexibility is crucial when a customized operating system needs to be installed.

Choosing a Hosting Provider

There are various service providers and it is important to choose the right one. The following are some of the things that need to be considered when selecting a VPS hosting provider:

  • A VPS host is expected to provide customer support to ensure that customers always have somewhere to turn to for help.
  • It is always a good idea to compare the costs and services of different hosts before making a final decision.
  • Consider the amount of uptime that is guaranteed by the host. There is usually a lax uptime within shared hosting environments in comparison to a VPS hosting environment.
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