Virtual Betting – What You Need to Know

Virtual Betting – What You Need to Know

Betting is a game that you can rightly term, “survival of the fittest.”

Punters and bettors alike are all looking for the tiniest strategy to exploit the scarce loopholes in betting and make appropriate gains.

While there are many kinds of betting, three kinds stand out among the spheres of betting, they are board-game, virtual betting and live betting.

Depending on the different perspective to life and chance, some people believe that all three games are the same, while some feel that one is slightly better than others. One thing, however, is certain in all types of betting, you need money and a whole lot of luck.

This article will delve into the world of virtual football betting today and all the tips and strategies you need to make money out of virtual betting.


What is virtual betting?

All bookmakers are regularly on the lookout for new customers and holding on to the old ones. This resolve gave birth to virtual football betting and it, of course, offered something different from the conventional gambling.

Virtual betting is a stimulating game that offers all that the conventional games offer and much more.

Virtual betting is a programmed algorithm created with codes made to entertain customers and bettors in a bid to offer them an instant avenue to make a gain.

One of the advantages of virtual betting is that customers get to play games without time constraint. As we all know, the time to play with conventional betting is limited but with virtual, it is available 24/7.

With virtual betting, you have the opportunity to bet on different kinds of sports. However, it is important to know that football is the most patronized virtual betting till date around the world.

The time-lapse between each game to end is usually between three to six minutes. What this means is that you will know the eventual outcome of your placed bet in six minutes time. The outcomes from each event are pre-generated by a computer algorithm which picks the winner in a certain way.

However, stakes can be placed at all hours of the day (24/7), every day for users who are interested in this mode of betting.

Punters stake on the eventual result of their chosen teams or players by looking at the odds offered, the stimulated (fake) histories and player profiles that are provided by the bookmakers respectively.


Four virtual betting tips to help you win always

  1. Never chase loses: If a punter really wants to win virtual betting, he has to stop chasing his loses. Like anything that has to do with bet, you should not chase your loss. It is a programmed game, so if you eventually lose to the program, just accept it and come back later. You will get tired mentally and psychologically, the computer does not. The best way is to go back after a loss, think through your loss and strategize on how to bounce back strongly.
  2. Take any win: What you need to know is that you are playing against a programmed computer that is programmed for you to lose, so if, by any chance, you get a win (small or big), take it and leave. Any win should be celebrated because virtual systems don’t always favour you. It is programmed that you can only win at most 20%, therefore, if you defeat the system, don’t assume you can win easily again and put your winnings back in.
  3. Always change your strategy and games: The makers of virtual betting always upgrade their computer system at least twice in a month, to adjust it to games played by punters. It will be, therefore, unwise of you to keep playing a particular system because you have made a profit with it. For example, if you have won with over 2.5 double chance market system, it will be wise of you to play the goals market.
  4. Always back the favourite teams: In as much as virtual betting is programmed on unpredictability, favourites (big teams) will usually win most of the times. Upsets happen but it is always rare.


If you want to learn more about virtual betting, you can check this full comprehensive guide to virtual betting.



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