Treating Jaundice The Natural Way

Treating Jaundice The Natural Way

Yellowish skin, eyes and fingernails are the signs of jaundice that could lead to yellow color of our stool and urine too. Jaundice, the harmful disease could lead to complications if not treated well in time. Those suffering from this dreadful ailment often take allopathic or over the counter medicines. Use of traditional remedies sometimes leads to complications rather than giving any good results. That’s why jaundiced patients prefer taking Ramdev medicine for jaundice, the natural remedy for perfect treatment.

Home treatments – Those challenged with jaundice should avoid taking excessive alcohol. Likewise smoking is also not a good habit. It should be quit as early as possible. Going for yoga asana and simple exercises is good. Same way, long walks and swimming are also much helpful. Jaundiced patients should take fibre rich diets. They should include milk and fresh fruits in their daily foods. Vegetarian foods are good for them while non-vegetarian foods may be harmful.

What to take – Patients affected with jaundice should take Picorrhiza that is an excellent herb that works wonders if it is used in regular manners. Trupeth is another great herb that also acts like a strong medicine to treat the disease in perfect manners. Indian Sorrel also gives good results if it is taken in regular manners. Excellent results can be obtained by using Vesaka regularly. This is another great remedy to treat jaundice in natural manners. Even use works wonders.

Jaundiced patients must try taking Snake Gourd, the great herbal treatment. It works wonders if its leaves are used on regular basis. Coriander may be taken along with snake guard for good relief from jaundice.  Triphala, the easily available formulation can give wonderful results if it is taken on regular basis. Kutki and Nisoth also give good results if the patients use them on regular basis. They act as strong tonics for jaundice and overall health. Jaundice can be cured well with even use.

Kakamachi is helpful in eliminating the symptoms of jaundice.  Indian Aloe is best if the pulp of its leaves is used regularly.  Black salt and ginger may be mixed. Gokulakanta is another great product that should be used by the patients suffering from jaundice. Water may be taken along with. It may be taken thrice a day for better results.  Chicory, the herbal remedy gives excellent results. Natural treatment is possible with this treatment that works wonders. It helps in getting rid of liver disorders including spleen enlargement, liver sluggishness and bile flow obstruction etc.

Bhumyamalaki is another natural treatment if it is used on regular basis. Even use works wonders. Honey may be mixed and it may be taken thrice a day. Known as jaundice berry, Berberis is much helpful in giving good results. Those suffering from jaundice should give it a try and see good results.

Ease of availability, genuine pricing and natural treatment without any side effects are the exclusive benefits of the above home treatments. Why suffer from jaundice when they are there.

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