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Communication becomes vital for everyone; therefore, you have to select the best apps and devices. Once you buy a deviceyou will need suitable programs for communication. With Apple devices, you will get FaceTime. wholesale windows tablets users must not feel sad because they can get the advantage of several alternatives. These apps are suitable for video conference and calling. See the details of these apps.

Google Hangouts

If you want the best FaceTime alternative, start with Google Hangouts. This app has numerous great features for group conferencing. Feel free to chat with a vast group, such as almost 100 people. To start a video conference, you have to send an invitation to guests through a URL.


With this classic app, it is easy to send text messages and communicate with others through audio and video calls. You can’t ignore this alternative to FaceTime. It permits multi-video calls for everyone. Skype video calling is a popular option for numerous businesses.

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ezTalks Meetings

With this alternative, you can get the advantage of video conferencing and calling. For business personnel, it is possible to manage their business meetings and conferences. For one-on-one call, you can use this fantastic app.

Feel free to use its premium plan to get the advantage of its advanced features. You can host an online meeting for almost 10,000 participants. Don’t worry because this app is available for all android devices.


It is not possible to avoid WhatsApp in this list. You will find it a fantastic alternative to FaceTime. With WhatsApp, it is easy to synchronize a list of your contacts. Similar to FaceTime, this app is free and require an internet connection. It may not offer support for video conferencing. Feel free to pair it with a third-party app.


Another alternative to FaceTime is Line for messaging and video calls. You can get the advantage of fun things, such as stickers to use during communication. It supports video calls and text messages. With Line, you can’t arrange group conferences.


You can’t avoid this communication app. It is an ideal substitute for FaceTime. You will need a Wi-Fi connection to use this app. Without this connection, you will not be able to use this app. Feel free to send messages and make video and voice calls for free. Video chatting will be a breeze with this fantastic app.


If you are missing FaceTime, you can’t ignore Viber for your new phone or tablet. It is becoming famous for communication and messaging. With its simple UI and messaging integration, you will really like the features of this communication app.This app is suitable for on-on-one video calls at this moment. It is available for free in the play store of Google. These apps allow you to decrease your communication bills. 


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