Top Artistic Mobile App UI/UX Design Examples In 2021

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One should never underestimate the power of UI/UX design in mobile app development. An inspiring and motivating app design can lit interest in anyone to use the app, just like in this short story.


Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved to read novels but was apathetic to mobile technology. Every day she went to the library to grab new books to read. She knew about Amazon’s Kindle reading app, but she believed reading on the app is not worth it. One day COVID-19 emerged and declared a global crisis. Because of that, every citizen was confined to their homes. 


But she couldn’t live without reading realistic fiction novels. It was great trouble for her. Until finally, she downloaded the Kindle app on her smartphone, found her favorite novel, and binge-read it. She got hooked by the app’s user experience that made her feel as if she was holding a book in her hands. Since then, she is reading on her smartphone using this app and never missing the library.


So, UI/UX design has the power of making your app world-famous. Your secure, robust, and reliable app is good for nothing without an aesthetically pleasing UI/UX. You must know that it takes 7-seconds to form an impression. The same psychology applies to mobile app users. 


Users will reject the app you have been developing for months in just 7-seconds if it doesn’t empathize with them. App designing is all about a perfect combination of trends, creativity, and technology. 


This blog elaborates on the top 5 mobile app design trends to follow in years to come. We also state top-notch mobile application UI/UX app design examples by our UI/UX Design Company to inspire you to design exquisite apps that pay off.


Check this theoretical mobile app design process before you start.


Top 5 UI/UX Mobile App Design Trends to follow in 2021

UI/UX design trends for iOS and Android apps are volatile and appear every year, and UI designers start to employ them. Following the most common trends which other brands have already saturated, would not benefit your app. Therefore, studying app designing trends is necessary for product designers and business owners to create a definitive brand identity.

  • Color Gradients

The color transition or color gradient is a pretty versatile trend used in the app background or as a UI element or accent. Introducing color gradients into your flat app design adds excitement and depth, making the user experience relatively more engaging. Using suitable color gradients, you can steer the user’s attention to your app’s crucial parts. 


Colors always have a distinct impact on our brains to interact or feel emotions to a given product. Therefore, the gradient trend is a valuable trend of all time when it comes to creating empathetic UI/UX.

  • Enhance Personalization

Personalization is the best way to create a strong connection between your audience and your brand. Think about how Spotify offers personalized music suggestions and even playlists based on the user playing history. From Youtube, Netflix, to Amazon serves their audience with customized experiences analyzing their search, wishlist, and order histories.


To make your app interface more personal to users, you should generate content relevant to them. Personalized design is all about making users feel that the content is created specifically for them. Like in the story, when the girl started using Kindle, she embraced the app because it had what she needed.

  • Augmented Reality

Despite the success in gaming apps, AR and VR have made provision for education, healthcare, fitness, and lifestyle apps. With such technology, you can blend the real world with the digital world. Doing so helps you have a more profound and more impactful interaction with your audience. 


This way, not only your user experience will enhance, but you can tailor services/products they need in the future. Ikea app, for example, helps users to see what furniture would look like in their own space. 

  • Engaging Animation & Motion design

We all love to engage and interact with animated screens that reflect information with beautiful motion. Macro or micro animation and motion effects help brands tell a story more realistically than a plain text or static image. Leveraging this trend, you can hook your audience from the very onboarding stage of your app. For example, swipe to next, pull to refresh, and tap to zoom; you can tie motion elements to the user’s cursor.

  • Voice Interactions 

VUI- Voice User Interface is the newest and constantly rising trend in the mobile app world. Voice-powered apps are gaining popularity, making other brands implement the trend. Voice access apps render faster results, custom experience and are more convenient to operate. 


By knowing your audience and their preferences, you can decide better which trend to follow in your software development. And when you decide this, your mobile app UI/UX design process becomes a breeze. 


Best Mobile App UI/UX Design Examples

App design illustrations are a source of inspiration for the business owner and the development team as well. So, let’s find you some inspiration from some of our best app designs.

  • Fresh Milk Delivery Subscription Mobile App

Milkmor is an online natural and nutritional cow milk and other dairy items delivery app with a serene and intuitive interface. Customers can easily subscribe for their daily milk delivery on their doorstep right from their smartphone anytime. Focusing on Milkmor’s audience, the app design elements have been kept sober and straightforward.

  • Seamless Hyperlocal Delivery App

The app was going to have multiple categories, locations, and delivery services that called for dynamic user experience design. Doozy is an app where people can order food from restaurants or a package from a friend’s home. It also facilitates users to send gifts or things from one place to another. After considering all touchpoints, the app has been designed with an engaging user experience.

  • On-demand Doctor Appointment App UI

Doctor on-demand app is a concept of the mobile healthcare app that connects patients and doctors virtually. Patients can book an appointment for a virtual doctor visit, and doctors can manage their online appointments with patients effectively. You can peep into the schedule, appointment, and home screen designs.

  • Hairly Salon Booking App Solution

Hairly is an app concept that lets users see available slots and book their favorite stylist appointment. The app offers dynamic and smooth interaction with aesthetic micro-motion effects. It also features an engaging onboarding algorithm.

  • Elegant Music Streaming App 

The music streaming app concept has a very clean layout with a not-so-sophisticated color scheme and UI at the core. However, the app screen background color adapts the song album cover color and appears as a fade-colored screen.


You may ask how it would cost to design a mobile app that can rock the user experience. So, the thing is hourly rates that determine the UI/UX design cost. Now, this hourly rate differs often depending on designers’ location and expertise. To know your app design cost, connect a creative app designing agency and discuss your project.

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