Top 5 Must Have Tools for social communication

Top 5 Must Have Tools for social communication

A social media lover like me would love to constantly search different ways so as to magnify my skills of social marketing! In fact, not only me; every social media freak would love to do so. Everyone tends to look out for some of the useful yet great tools and software which helps one to save time and yield a lot! As time is considered to be one of the greatest speculations, one could ever make in the field of social media marketing even I look out for some of the different ways so as to utilize my time to make my skills more effective.

Social media techniques are one of the most effective ways which can help your business to reach out to most of your targeted audience. Being socially active, on all of the social media platforms like that of Face book, LinkedIn etc is something beyond a necessity in fact, it is a mandatory thing for any brand if they want to successful as a leader.

So let’s discuss some of the best and must have tool for one to achieve heights in this field of social media communication. 

  • Buffer

This is one of the mandatory tools that one must consider as it not only helps you to schedule your social media posts, but also helps in managing them and that too individually for every post and platforms.

But the best is yet to come, buffer design plans according to the need of the company and brand.

  • Hootsuite

Hoot suite helps you to handle multiple accounts which may vary from hundreds to thousands, and it is all feasible with the help of this software. Hootsuites makes it very easy for the user to add accounts and manage it very easily; in fact, it makes it very easy for the user to schedule their posts and that too for all the social media platforms.

The advantages not only end here ,moreover the company gives the users an appropriate training which not only makes people an expert with this software but also teaches more tips and techniques to make the social media marketing more effective .


IFTTT emerged from “ If This Then That “ is one of the best tools of automation, which again not only helps a user to save their precious time but also helps to manage the time on all sorts of social media platforms , applications and websites.

This basically works on your triggering action which will eventually help to start with the action.

  • MeetEdgar

All of the applications that we have discussed so far does provide with the facility to schedule all of your posts for all the social media platforms, but one the advantage that MeetEdgar is equipped with re-sharing of the posts. This software gives an upper hand to the user by putting a great influence on the traffic of the website and all of this is done by automatically re sharing of the user’s content.

  • RebelMouse

This software helps to conclude all of the user’s feeds of the social media from all of the social media platforms and compiles them into one. In fact, this feature can be used anywhere may it be a website or a blog.


There are many applications and software available for you to enhance your social media presence .However, above discussed are some of the must have software for you as it not only helps you to save your time in some of the effective ways.

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