Top 5 benefits to learn C language for being an avid tech programmer

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The upward trend in software industry interests people from diverse background because of the stability it offers. Though, getting into any tech domain be it programmer or analyst is not that easy. A person is required to learn various programming languages, starting mainly with C, C++. It is an advantage to know the computer language which helps to create its dynamic features and applications.

Why it is important to learn c language

Dennis Ritchie developed the procedural programming C language before 1973. This language is useful in writing codes for operating system and compiler development. C language became popular due to its features like simple keywords, low access for memory, easy, and clean approach. This is industry accepted programming language which is useful for making computer programs. C language is embraced by programmers across the globe due to its maximum control and efficiency.

There are many benefits of learning C language but mainly it helps to understand the system framework, and architecture of how it works? C language is the foundation for learning any advanced computer languages because it simplifies the approach to learn memory locations and pointers.

Below mentioned are 5 key advantages to learn C language for effective programming skills:

  • C is user-friendly language: This is a middle level language which lies between low level easy to understand machine language and high level user-friendly language. C language is well known to reduce the gap between high and low level programming languages. This language is highly recommended for writing operating system coding and basic application level programs for which c programming tutorial for beginners is available.
  • Easy to interpret computer theories: There are many theories associated with computers like compiler designing, operating systems, computer architecture, computer networks which are based upon C language programming. It requires high knowledge of the language when working on such elements. In modern computer languages, the machine details are kept hidden, so as to work up with memory, CPU cache, and network adapters.
  • Few libraries: C language has comparatively few libraries in regard to other high programming languages. This language helps to clear programming concepts from scratch as lot of coding has to be written. Alone, programming language is not enough to implement fundamental operations, as implementing the coding operations by self improves analytical skills, critical thinking, and error correction capability.  You will not be dependent on the programming language entirely for implementing some basic operations and implementing them on your own will also help you to build your analytical skills.
  • Fast execution time with C: The programs which are written in C language are faster to compile than any other programming language. The language holds strong grip in terms of execution with no additional overheads for processing like garbage collection and memory leaks prevention. A programmer has to ensure these things at specific end for accurate results.
  • Embedded Programming: C being a versatile language is mainly used for embedded programming, which facilitates advanced scientific programming. This language is even called as micro-controller system programming. In this C program is used for controlling micro-controllers. Both embedded and micro-controllers programming is used for robotics, hardware’s, and auto-motives.

A best feature to learn C language is its adaptability on various tech platforms for coding operating systems. This makes it highly acceptable and easy to work with user interface. Perhaps, learning C++ object oriented language also becomes easier to learn.

Keeping the benefits in mind, newtum (a website for online learning courses, block chain, and application development) has prepared c programming tutorial for beginners. This is well researched tutorial prepared for applicant to learn in intuitive environment with plenty of practice sessions and demo training. Hence, take the first step to step in technological industry and start to learn C programming.


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