Top 12 Motivational Speakers of India.

Top 12 Motivational Speakers of India.

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In life there are times when we are stuck, times when we don’t know what is to be done, times when we need an emotional push.  In order to help us during such times and also to teach us the true way of life.

Below is the list eleven such people who are professionals when it comes to creating an impact. (The rankings are placed in the random order)

1. Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson has been awarded as the best speaker of India.  His speeches help to motivate about finding the path to success and knowing your inner self.  He is a master of showing ways for ‘Out of the Box’ thinking.  His speeches are also recorded in the form of audio books. He is the co-founder of ‘Positive Revolution’ which is an audio books making company.

2. T.S. Madaan

He is one of the renowned motivational speakers of India who gives his speeches in Hindi.  He is also an actor and a popular comedian. He has received training from many motivational tutors. His style is humorous and loved & appreciated by people.

3. Dr Deepak Chopra

Dr Deepak Chopra comes from Indian Origin but is now based in United States.  He travels to speak all over the world and has motivated thousands of people across the globe. He has written more than 65 books and the counting is still on. He is termed as one of the most influential speakers.

4. Sriram Athri

Sriram Athri is one of the top motivational speakers in India and life coach of India. He has experience of over 30 years. He conducts seminars, training sessions and workshops to enlighten people about the corporate world. He is himself a first generation entrepreneur. His ways are very outspoken and full of examples that are loved by people.

5. Minocher Pattel

He is a well known motivational speaker of India. He has his own training institute and conducts many training sessions for corporate people as well as students.

6. Ram Charan

Ram Charan is from Indian origin. He is the author of many books and some of them have hit the best selling list as well. ‘How to win over the game of Work’ is one of his best sellers.

7. Shiv Khera

Shiv Khera is very profound in his job. He motivates people and makes them believe that achieving success in life can be done by anyone.

8. Yogesh Chabria

Yogesh Chabria is a Mumbai based motivational Speaker and Author.  He inspires people with ‘The Happionaire Way’. These teachings are practiced by many of the successful people through generations.

9. Priya Kumar

Priya Kumar is one of the youngest and very effective speakers of India. She has inspired many people both by her speeches and her way of living. She uses unusual ways like Fire walking to motivate people.

10. Harish Iyer:

Harish Iyer enlightens about LGBT community, also known as gay community.  He shows ways to alter life and live it happily. Many people are influenced by his speeches.

11. M Naseer Khan

M Naseer Khan is the well known motivational speakers of India. He uses the techniques of Hypnosis, Music and Neuro-linguistic Programming to explain his point. He is well known for his event called as ‘Transformation’

12. Simerjeet Singh

Simerjeet Singh is a motivational speaker who is based in Delhi. He is young and dynamic and able to conquer the hearts of people all around the India.

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