Tips to ensure your parcel arrives at its destination safe and sound.

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Parcelchief brings you the tips with which you can ensure the safety of your parcel. The person that is going to collect your parcel may not provide you the packaging service. In case your courier to France is found out to be unsuitable to transmit the Courier service may refuse to accept it.

You can visit parcelchief the website to find out more information and guidance for sending a parcel. As the best courier service, we want your parcel to be safe and sound and reach its destination perfectly. Let us discuss some important things that most of the people ignore using Courier to France.

Importance of using New Cardboard boxes

Recycling a cardboard box is not advisable in case you are making an international courier. We know many of you are aware of the environment and recycling the cardboard box looks the best option available and you can even find the used box that seems to be in good condition. But the cardboard boxes lost 50% of its strength after they are used. So, using an old cardboard box is not good in case you need to send heavy items.

Other than that if you are worried because you are sending fragile items, you can double the box and wrap at least 6 cm of bubble wrap. 

Need to Provide Internal Protection

International courier services in Mumbai offer their service to different countries and there is a huge chain by which your parcel is going to be exchanged between different hands. While you are packing the item in the box, try to bubble wrap each item separately as it adds to more security. The fragile item may need separation from each other try to provide at least 5.08 cm of cushioning and walls of the box. The cushioning saves your item from getting damaged, the box goes through immense pressure and there are shocks and vibrations that internal item face. 

In case you don’t know about the item that you can use for cushioning, here is are some cushioning products that you can use:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Inflatable airbags
  • Polystyrene Peanuts 
  • Engineered Foam Enclosure

You can easily buy the above materials online, when you are sending fragile items such as electronics, glass, ceramics, and artwork do not forget to add cushioning.

Please read our terms and conditions on Prohibited and Restricted Items

Avoid sending any prohibited item, there is a list of items that you are allowed to send to the country. There is no visibility of the inside item that you sending, the courier company will not be liable for any damage or loss in case you make courier of restricted item. 

If you need to send a parcel to the UK you can check the list of the prohibited item by going on the site of any courier to UK.

Print up and use the label we provide to you.

Make sure to attach the label on your courier perfectly, the labels are going to be provided to you by the courier service. Labels hold important information like address, tracking number and barcode that make your shipment unique from other shipments. In case your label gets damaged your parcel may be undelivered. 


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