These Tips Would Help You Make Your Yoga Retreat Experience More Meaningful

These Tips Would Help You Make Your Yoga Retreat Experience More Meaningful

It’s great that amidst so many travel destinations to choose from, you are planning to go for a yoga retreat. Most travel destinations offer experiences that refresh our mindset and bring a change to the monotony of our daily life. But as soon as we get back, we find the same old monotony standing behind us all this while and within a few days, we find ourselves craving for the next break.

A yoga retreat, on the other hand, is a completely different scenario. It refreshes your mind, body, and soul! From a yoga retreat, you just do not take with yourself memories and experiences, but yoga lessons as well that would help you lead your daily life more meaningfully and with contentment.

There is no doubt that yoga is best practiced amidst nature and far from city noise and pollution. If you are looking for one such exotic yoga retreat destination, then you have to give a check to H2O Yoga and Meditation Center. It is located on the beautiful island of Gili Air and from accommodation to activities and food; everything is going to uplift you spiritually.

However, you can end up making your yoga retreat experience just like a regular travel period if you are not into it completely. Here we have some tips that would help you enjoy every second of time that you spend there.

Make this trip just about yourself

In today’s time, most of us avoid spending time with our own selves. At any given moment, we would prefer a company or fiddle with our smartphones. Why not make this yoga retreat just about yourself? You would have a perfect surrounding to practice silence and solitude. Or you can take someone who wants similar kind of break so that you both are on the same tangent.

Be Present

Tranquility and happiness await you at a yoga retreat center. All it asks from you is to be present in the moment. Just make sure that the moment you enter the retreat, you leave all your stress and worries at the gate. We can guarantee you that by the time you would leave the center, you would forget to carry them back with you!

Forget what is Wi-Fi

Or what is a smartphone or laptop or any other gadget for that matter. Cut from the FOMO of missing out social media bits and break from the addiction of using your smartphone every now and then. You will find most of your anxiety and depression slipping away.

Book your accommodation in the retreat itself

Many people book their accommodation in a hotel and only visit retreat to practice yoga. Well, that does you half good. The center’s atmosphere is designed in such a way that it helps you heal spiritually and that is best experienced when you spend your complete time there. At H2O Yoga and Meditation Center, you will find the best accommodation in Gili Air. The architecture is based on Vastu Shastra and everything is in top-notch condition to offer complete comfort.

Eat Healthily

Now when you are ready to forget about wi-fi and stuff for a few days, then you can give a try to eating healthily too! Most people know that eating healthily not only keeps your body fit but it also keeps your mind calm and stress-free. This is the perfect time to get hands-on experience of this. You will see the benefit of practicing yoga and eating healthily in no time.

Make the most out of the additional activities there

A yoga retreat center, like H2O Yoga and Meditation Center, not just offers yoga classes but numerous other activities and programs for the most blissful experience of your life. You should not miss this opportunity and plan your itinerary beforehand so that you have enough time to try everything.

Don’t be sitting inside your comfort zone

Sit to meditate but don’t be sitting inside your comfort zone. If this is your first time trying yoga or planning such a kind of holiday, you should be prepared for new experiences and new people. Don’t be hesitant and don’t reach to conclusion too soon. What you may find uncomfortable right now, you would find yourself loving it in no time if you are willing to give it a genuine try.

These tips would definitely help you to prepare yourself for the best yoga retreat experience. Are you still confused where to go? H2O Yoga and Meditation Center is the perfect setting for a yoga retreat center. First, it is located on the exotic island of Gili Air, which has no motorized vehicles! Second, they have professional teachers, blissful Gili Air accommodation, Good Earth café, ayurvedic spa treatments. And thirdly, it is loved by every traveler who has been there (this can be attested by their “excellent” rating on TripAdvisor by 300+ travelers).

H2oyoga Meditation

H2O Yoga And Meditation Center provide double daily Yoga classes. we tend to additionally host Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Trainings as well as yoga and meditation retreats.

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