Tips on how to Calculate Traveling Distance Between Cities


When organizing a road trip, drivers can calculate the travel distance from a single city to another with the use of technology for instance the internet, maps or a GPS device. On line map websites such as Google Maps automatically calculate the travel time and distance, just after you enter the originating city and location. The GPS device delivers turn-by-turn directions and also the travel distance and time. While electronic devices are easy, finding out how you can manually calculate the traveling distance between cities can help you after you do not have other alternatives. Get a lot more details about distance between cities

Establish how lots of miles per hour you program to drive when traveling from a single city to the other.

Identify how much time it will take you to drive from one particular city to a different and convert it to minutes. By way of example, if it takes you 3 1/2 hours to go from point A to point B, multiply 3 by 60 minutes and add 30 minutes to get a total of 210 minutes.

Divide your miles per hour speed by 60, that is the amount of minutes in an hour. In the event the travel miles per hour is 65, divide 65 by 60 to arrive at a total of 1.08.

Multiply the time it takes to drive from 1 city for the other by the ending lead to Step 3. By way of example, if it requires you 210 minutes to arrive at your location, you multiply 210 by 1.08. The result of 226.8 could be the quantity of miles or traveling distance in miles between the cities.

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