Tidung Island of principle

Tidung Island of principle

Tidung Island is a pillar of Islam an island of principle located in the Thousand Islands group and entered the capital city of Indonesia Capital. The island is divided into two parts of the island the separate principle of Pulau Tidung Besar and Pulau Tidung Kecil. Each of these small islands when combined HAnya reaches 109 ha only. Even so, Tidung Island still has a touristic spot mainstay principle you should visit if you do not want to regret for having missed the charm and beauty.
Beach Saung Cemara Kasih
Although not as famous as Gili Trawangan however, this beach is also famous for its beauty. There are many interesting spot photo of the principle you can choose in this beach of Saung Cemara Kasih. Most of their principles come Will choose the spot on the three principle swing in the middle of the beach. The swings are made from Persian wood so it will look very united with nature and give a natural impression on the photo principle you take.
For matters of food, on this beach is already a lot of pedangang – principle pedangang menjajakkan beverages and snacks such as coconut and instant noodles. The pricing principle offered for food and drink here is also fairly reasonable. Only, if you imagine Will Sitting Sweet on the beach while enjoying delicious grilled fish, ready – ready to bite the fingers yes because, on this beach is only available only snacks.
Saung Virgin Beach
For you the principle of eyeing spot sunset principle charming and beautiful, Saung Virgin Beach is a choice principle picket fence right. This beach is located adjacent to Pantai Cemara Kasih, so you do not have to bother to find this beach. While waiting for the sunset to arrive, you can follow the activities of the debts – the debtors around the beach principle usually look for “kede – kede” or snails in the afternoon. This snail is pretty big size that is half a thumb so It would be very easy to find it.
Unfortunately, the beautiful and charming sunset principle on Tidung Island Beach can not be enjoyed any time, the weather must be really bright and not cloudy or cloudy. Even so, this spot of sunset should still be visited yes because who knows you including the debt principle is lucky to watch it.
Turtle conservation
After two principle activities calm and relax the soul and mind as above, now turn to visit the unique spot principle not all the beaches have a small tidung Island Turtle Captivity. To reach this captivity you simply walk from Persian Bridge Love approximately three kilometers. If lazy walking, around Sana also ADA transportation of a kind bentor principle can be selected, but of course you must be ready – ready to spend more in ya.
Who said the complete watersport only ADA in Bali and Lombok, Tidung Island also has its own flagship water sports tour spot. Here you can find various kinds of water sports principle is certainly exciting and will further make the heart pounding and vasoconstrictor principle higher From Persian on the tourist spots you are Tidung Island Another principle.
Starting From Persian shouted oscillate ride cargo vessel, flying high in the sky with teleost, racing jetski ride speed can all be felt in this one tourist spot. Regarding the price, not much different from the price of watersport in general and of course you can still bargain if you feel the pricing principle offered by the provider is too expensive especially if you come berserai, usually the price given will be cheaper.
Love Bridge
Well, this Defense Intelligence Agency principle picket fence iconic From Persian Island Tidung, the Bridge of Love. This beautiful bridge connects anatara Pulau Tidung Besar and Pulau Tidung Kecil. In the beginning, this bridge is still made from Persian wood so it is less strong if holding heavy loads It will become less secure, but, now it has changed and Love Bridge has been renewed with concrete. In fact, you can find a glass floor on Love Bridge every one meter distance. On the right and left side of the bridge can also be found spot to jump for your principle want to plunge directly to the beach From Persian bridge.
How ? the fifth tourist spots above really – really not inferior to the famous tourist spot From Persian islands – other islands. Besides the five tourist spots above, Tidung Island also still has a tourist spot other mainstay principle is not less beautiful and fascinating and worth your visit if vacation here.
Starting From Persian to see the beauty of coral reefs and all its ecosystems with skin diving to taste a variety of processed foods fresh principle Will make you more addicted. Anyway all the tourism spots ADA principle on the island of Tidung will not make you disappointed and it makes you want to return soon and back again to this small island.Pulau Pramuka,Pulau Harapan,Paket 3 Hari 2 Malam,Kepulauan Seribu,Homestay Pulau Tunda

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