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Himachal Pradesh is a dream destination for mountain lovers. It is an alluring summer destination. But it is an equally enchanting destination in winters because of the refreshing snowfall. The excitement of snowfall adds to the charm of the destination. The enthusiastic snow-loving tourists indulge in playing with snow merrily. Fall in love with enigmatic Himachal with snow-clad mountain ranges that get transformed into superb venues of skiing and other adventurous snow sports. The best time to pay a visit to Himachal Pradesh to enjoy ultimate snow is during the months of December to March.

The brilliant combination of Himachal Pradesh and snowfall makes for the perfect vacation during winters. The major hill stations such as Dalhousie, Manali, Kufri, Narkanda, and Naldehra turn into a scintillating white snow carpet. These enchanting hill towns become the vacationer’s paradise and get filled with snow-loving jovial merry crowds. Natural beauty meets adventure and sports. Put on your snowshoes to tread into the delightful snow zones of Himachal.

Go for the most widely recognized mountain snow thrill — Skiing

Himachal Pradesh has high-altitude mountain terrains that are blessed with miles of thick snow covering the mountain tops and meadows. The snow-crested brilliant white mountain peaks of Solang Valley and other places in and around Manali such as Marhi, Gulaba, Rohtang and Dhundi as well as Kufri, Chail, Auli are a perfect ground for skiing and snow sports reverie. The professionals take care of the safety and security of the guests. Enjoy cross-country skiing in Kullu Manali. The mesmerizing incredible views add to the skiing experience. There are also several National Level skiing competitions held at various places.

Let the scenic charm of snow-covered peaks and frozen meadows leave you awed

Relax on the mountain tops, get enthused with the peace and tranquillity of the forested surroundings. Watch the conifers, pines, deodars and other evergreen trees laden with powdery snow. Watch them fall as soft white flakes to cover you like a white shroud. Take in the beauty of the snowfields, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the serenity away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The snow-capped mountains create some mesmeric views.

Try Ice Climbing for the ultimate adventure spree

Explore the frozen upper reaches of the mountains by attempting an invigorating and adventurous ice climbing. This adrenalin pumping activity is quite popular in the higher reaches of Himachal Tourism where there are deposits of solid crusted ice. Climb the mountains and conquer the thick layer of hardened snow. Ice climbing challenge is an extremely attractive activity. This activity, however, requires a great degree of physical fitness and the proficiency to use ice screws and the agility to climb steep ice slopes efficiently.


Savor a Visual Treat with Gondola Rides

Breathe in the clouds and ascend up the high heaven of clouds and mountain summits. Attempt the cable car riding in Manali during winters to breath-taking views of the Solang Valley. The spectacular beauty of the white snowy scenery around is an experience not less than paradisiacal. Enjoy snow-covered vistas of Manali.


Ice Skating is your chance to glide smoothly without care

Ice Skating can be enjoyed from the months of December to February. Clear skies and low temperature are absolutely perfect for uninterrupted sessions of Ice Skating. Sessions are usually held in the morning and evening. The Ice Skating rink of Shimla provides a good opportunity to enjoy open-air skating. Shimla ice-skating rink has the largest open-air area and it has naturally frozen ice. It is also Asia’s oldest open-air rink. Ice skating also happens in Narkanda situated 60 kilometers away from Shimla. Championships are organized here in the winter time to encourage a love for skating. Ice Skating in the Solang area near Manali and in Rohtang pass in Manali are also extremely popular options.


Delight in Manali Winter Carnival

Enjoy the sensational and the delightful Winter Carnival in Manali in winters during snowfall in Himachal. If you are planning to visit Manali in February this is your chance of ultimate fun with snowfall. Be a delighted guest observing the rich cultural traditions and heritage of Himachal Pradesh along with snow sports. The foodies will be enamored by the fantastic array of local culinary spread.

You also get to see scintillating performances by local artists, folk dances, street plays, and music competition here. Participants gather from all corners of the country to participate in the various competitions. A major attraction of this bustling carnival is a beauty contest, where the most beautiful lady is chosen to be titled the ‘Winter Queen’.


The joys of unexplored skiing zones with Heli-Skiing

Let your adrenalin rush have the final jolt with Heli skiing as snows fall thickly covering the meadows and valleys.  The extensive icy terrains, isolated and beautiful, are used for Heli-Skiing. The helicopters drop you on icy peaks of mountain summits to slide down in full glory, enjoy skiing across the mighty Himalayas of the Himachal Pradesh. Some locations such as Deo Tibba, Rohtang Pass, Hanuman Tibba, and Chanderkhani Pass are famous for a heli skiing adventure.

Fun ride on a Sledge down the Himalayan slopes

Imagine you are the Santa of your dreams and sled gleefully this Christmas across the snowy realms of Himachal Pradesh.  Be seated atop a wooden sledge to race down the snow-capped Himalayas. A scenic trip along a snowy trail with all the twists and turns gives you the ultimate thrill.

Enjoy the Thrill of Snowboarding in Manali

Snowboarding is a recent addition to snow adventures and is a thrill to be gliding across the ice on a board attached firmly to your feet. Snowboarding enables you to enjoy the freestyle angles and takes you across the thick sheets of ice in a jiffy. Feel the speed and the thrill and delight with your adrenaline-charged jumps and deft landings. Enjoy the Himalayan curves and varied slopes and bends of the snow-clad mountains. It shall definitely be a memorable experience.



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