Things to know before buying best sewing machine for beginners



Home sewing is having a moment. Whether you’re returning to long-lost skills from earlier in life or picking up the fabric and scissors for the first time, how do you even begin to choose your all-important sewing machine?


The variety of options available can be puzzling and your ideal match will depend on what you’d like to make. Do you see yourself thrashing up cushions and quilts? Or sewing yourself a whole new wardrobe? Maybe you’ve always loved the idea of sewing. You dream of threading your machine, picking out the perfect fabric and sewing wonderful creations. But you need a sewing machine in order to make these dreams come true and finding the right machine can be hard! There are so many brands and then within those brands, there are so many models. They can cost anywhere from $99 to several thousand, so how do you know which sewing machine to buy? Even deciding from more reputed brands like Brother, Singer, Janome, Juki and much more is a very scary task. A novice must have all sort of information regarding brands and features before deciding a sewing machine and can also refer to this guide on best sewing machine for beginners.


A well-chosen machine can last you a lifetime and I recommend investing in something powerful that can handle some experimentation while you bend your creative muscles. Too many confusing features can overwhelm a beginner but which are essential? A quality straight stitch, zigzag and the function to sew a buttonhole in either one or four steps will see you through a surprising amount of projects.


Features like memory options and a lever to lift the presser foot with your knee are perhaps only essential if you’re sewing more often than part-time. Equally you can almost certainly do without a dual feed, which evenly pulls the fabric through from both above and below. It’s a handy feature when using tricky fabrics but you can buy a separate foot to do this if needed in future. However, a needle up/down function and a bobbin that loads from above with a clear cover so you can see when it’s running out could be invaluable. Some might feel traditional manual machines are easier to understand but during my research for sewing machines have opened my eyes to the wonderful world of computerised machines and how they can save you time and hustle-bustle when just starting out.


Many of these modern machines can select the optimum length and width of particular stitches for you, removing the guesswork and limiting your mistakes. These many computerized machines comes with many built-in features like LCD display, LED to work on darker fabrics, automatic needle threader, one step buttonhole,  top drop in bobbin system . There is transparent lid in higher models above the bobbin. So you can easily see when your bobbin is running out of thread. So these all features are very helpful for beginners. So starter must consider all these things before buying any sewing machine.

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