Thermal Consulting Services for Your Electronics Cooling Needs

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Thermal DS provides a range of thermal consulting services for cooling of electronic systems from inception to production. Based on thorough thermal analysis and modelling methods, Thermal DS can help you arrive at optimal and cost-effective thermal management solutions with the reliability and consistency you expect.

These days, thermal management plays a significant role in the performance of any electronic system. When properly designed, an effective thermal solution ensures peak performance and a long life of an electronic system. Poorly designed thermal solution, on the other hand, can be a source of all kinds of problems during and after deployment, which can consume a lot of resources to fix later in the design cycle. In thermal design, the key is, therefore, to arrive at the right solution early in the design cycle, so, this part of the overall electronic design is addressed quickly and cost-effectively.

In the ever-growing demand for electronic systems, it is imperative that your system is planned not only for core functions, but also for thermals. Often, engineers consider thermal management a little more than an after-thought until it is determined later that there is a dilemma due to extreme heating and malfunction somewhere in the system. Such poorly designed systems may lead to problems such as sub-optimal functions, high failure rates, poor mechanical aspects, and short life. This is completely avoidable, particularly when handled early in the design cycle, using skilled in-house thermal engineers or expert thermal management consultants who handle just thermals.

The engineers at Thermal DS are skilled and highly experienced in a variety of industrial applications related to thermal design and Ansys Thermal Analysis. They use industry leading thermal simulation, testing and diagnostic tools to solve all your thermal design problems. They provide clients with accurate assessment of their systems and offer a range of design options consistent with the application, cost and time to market. Whether your system needs to be cooled passively or actively using air or liquid, they can help you choose sensible thermal management solutions for your products. They are committed to support you not only with your immediate thermal design needs, but also through launch and post deployment issues.

About Thermal Design Solutions

Thermal Design Solutions is a thermal management consulting company located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, that serves worldwide clients with their Electronic Cooling System needs. With decade of experience in thermal management, covering a wide range of electronic systems, Thermal DS is well-positioned to handle any thermal design issue in any electronic system, from IC chips to PC boards to large systems.

For more information about Thermal DS and to set up a free consultation regarding your project, schedule and rates, please call 408-439-9770. You can also email the company at [email protected] One of their thermal management consultants will get in touch with you promptly.

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