The Most Effective Lead Generation Tactics for B2B Startups

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On the dance floor, the person that leads is the person who determines the direction in which you’re headed for the duration of the dance. The same can be true in B2B sales. The lead is someone who’s demonstrated interest in your products or services, and turning that lead into a client determines the direction your sales and marketing efforts will go. As a result, developing an effective lead list is a critical component of your B2B sales and marketing strategies. It’s also a major reason why any start-up should be taking advantage of the benefits offered by Canadian business directories.


When you’re running a start-up, you don’t have the advantage of having a historical list of lucrative clients. You are essentially starting from scratch, so you need to incorporate effective lead generation tactics into your strategies. Here are five simple things you can do when conducting your B2B sales and marketing strategies:

  • Encourage potential clients to opt-in at every opportunity. From offering free webinars to PDFs of information relevant to that client, entice clients to opt-in to receiving your message
  • Make sure your website has an easily navigated landing page. People don’t respond well to clunky websites that are hard to search
  • Use Gmail ads to promote your business to clients of your competitors. It’s like fishing in a barrel
  • Develop a great free offer. Even plastic surgeons offer a free consultation. Find something unique about your business you can offer for free
  • Utilize a Canadian business directory database. There is no better place to find targeted leads for your start up.


You need to generate sales quickly for your start-up to succeed. Subscribing to a business database Canada platform is a great investment in your B2B sales and marketing efforts for multiple reasons. For starters, Canadian business directories offered by Scott’s Directories provide access to over 190,000 business prospects across Canada. These detailed B2B lists contain detailed contact information on over 330,000 key decision makers, making it the best single source for helping your start-up connect with the right professionals. Use it to achieve important insight on the clients you want in the markets you want to target, allowing you to develop more effective B2B sales and marketing strategies. It’s the fastest way to generate lead lists that quickly turn into sales. Reach and engage your potential clients in a more effective manner.


Scott’s Directories is a top provider of business data and lead generating solutions for the B2B community in North America.
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