The Hunt for the Best Dessert Shop in Cp

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I still remember how Aayushi and I became friends. We were both in the same coaching class and had never interacted with each other, until one day. We had a brief encounter and were talking about places that serve good food. We went on and on about places that we’ve been to, and it turned out that we both share the same love for food. As impulsive as I was, I suggested why not go and hunt for coffee shops in CP? Aayushi immediately agreed to the plan.

CP is the heart of Delhi, and the home to an array of exclusive restaurants and cute cafes was our top option. We knew that CP is never going to disappoint us. I discovered that we both love desserts, and why not? After all, desserts are the perfect way to alleviate stress. So we boarded the metro and left to look out for the best dessert shop in CP.

As it was evening, CP was full of all kinds of people and as always, café restaurants in CP were all around the place. We wanted to sit and relax at some cozy coffee shop in CP, so we started searching for one. Aayushi suddenly beamed with excitement as she pointed to this café tucked away in one corner. It was definitely a good looking café and we were excited to try it out. The name of the café was Brioche Doree. I immediately started checking for the reviews online and found positive reviews for this place.

As soon as we entered the place, the alluring aroma of French bakes had me smitten! Aayushi and I were drooling at the display of a range of croissants, pastries, muffins, and French bread. Taking a seat at the corner of the well-lit room, we settled down. The cozy ambiance, the warm and comforting vibe and the soothing music of the place made us relaxed, after a long day at the coaching class. We started talking about France and French food in general. France is renowned all over the world for its gastronomic brilliance and rich history of culinary arts. From rustic classics to the most extravagant masterpieces, the charm of French food has always left people in awe and drooling for more. We were really happy that Brioche Doree, the second-largest French bakery chain around the world, was finally here. Cafe restaurants in CP have certainly evolved and come a long way.

As we scrolled through the menu, it was filled with exquisite options and we wanted to try all of it. This place definitely qualified for one of the best dessert shops in CP. We finally settled for the classics- coffee and croissants. Aayushi was a lover of tea and hence ordered a Kashmiri Kahwa. Other than that, we wanted to try something new that we had never tried before. So we ordered Chocolate Caramel Fleur De Lys and Austrian Sachertorte. Between smiles and hearty conversations, we eagerly waited for our food.

The service was quick and the staff was very friendly and sweet. The aroma of the croissants was heavenly. The pure buttery croissants were fluffy and filled with melt-in-the-mouth chocolate, which was soul-satisfying. The coffee was rich in taste and came with Brioche Doree’s signature on top. This was one of the best things I saw among coffee shops in CP.  The refreshing Kashmiri Kahwa washed away all the tiredness and was very relaxing. The Fleur De Lys and Sachertorte fulfilled all our dessert cravings and we loved it! This place became our favorite and was one of the best café restaurants in CP, without a doubt. Whenever someone asks us about the best dessert shop in CP, Brioche Doree is what we suggest!

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