The Dental Check-up : Early Childhood Cavities and Its Preventions

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Finding the right family dentist for you and your kids is a key part of ensuring great oral care for your entire family.  Once you find your family dentist, you have to schedule regular monthly dental check-ups for family members. Children need a dental appointment at around three years old to check cavities and dental problems which could affect their dental health later on. Dental checkups early in a child’s life allow children to have a positive dental health experience.

Your Dental Checkup: What to Expect?

Fluoride treatments:

Fluoride treatment is a widely adopted treatment method among the children. The dentist will treat child’s teeth with extra fluoride in the form of a gel to make teeth stronger. The gel has different flavours for children to try and which helps make the treatment trouble free.

Dental sealants:

Sealants are thin protective plastic coatings applied to cuspids to avoid causing cavities on food deposits. As the name says, it seals the grooves on the chewing surfaces where food gets deposited and allow bacteria to create cavities.

Sealants are long-lasting cavity prevention method which are usually harmless.


X-rays are the skeleton images of the teeth roots and canine to find out the hidden dental fissures inside the mouth. Dentists makes necessary dental treatments with the help of this images.

Preventing early childhood cavities

Children are prone to dental problems as they are not trained in good dental care and habits. Tooth aches and cavities are quite prevalent among Children of various age groups.Childhood dental problems are easily preventable with proper dental check-ups and make the child more confident by inculcating good habits through a good dentist.

The following methods can help your child to escape this painful condition by adopting a few simple steps.

Use a bottle to feed your baby at regular feeding times. It is best to avoid a bottle in bed with your baby but give plain water in the bottle during unavoidable circumstances. Any liquid except water, even milk and juice, can cause cavities.

  • Hold the bottle while feeding your baby and remove the bottle when the baby falls asleep.
  • Avoid leaving your baby to sleep with a feeding bottle.
  • Adopt a healthy balanced diet for your child by controlling starchy, sugary snacks and sugary drinks.
  • Clean baby’s gum with a soft brush or a piece of soft cloth from the very early stages itself.


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