The Art of Making Counterfeit Money

The Art of Making Counterfeit Money

In the past few years, counterfeit money has gained more popularity than the real one. This has led to the making of super euros and super dollars, which are considered to be more authentic than real euros and dollars. That is why, we have been getting a lot of queries about the procedure of making counterfeit money. In recent times, it has become quite easy to make counterfeit money; given that you have the right equipment.

Most people want to know if they could print fake money on ink jet. Well, the answer is yes. You can design your fake money and print it on a blank sheet. A lot of counterfeit printer money is available in the market but the best ones are printed using the best printers. There is no way you can do it without using a printer, hence, the first step in making your own counterfeit money is buying a good printer.

Countries like USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Ireland and New Zealand and considered economically strong hence their currency has greater value. This often creates hurdles when a person from less economically stable countries want to shop in these countries. Not anymore though – you can print any currency and use it according to your own convenience and if done right; no one would know.

Let’s discuss the step by step procedure of making counterfeit money:

Step 01: Buying the Right Paper

You can’t print fake money using a paper from your notebook. The paper used in your notebook has cellulose, which will be detected by the money detector. The paper used in printing dollar bills come from linen and cotton and goes by the name Rag paper. Once you get your hands on Rag paper, you are set to design your currency.

Step 02: Designing your Currency

Now that you have got the rag paper, it is time to do some designing. It is a rule of the counterfeit world that when you are designing a counterfeit bill, it should be 75% less in size than the real one. Not many people follow this rule though because it is always better and easier to download real money images on your computer and printing them.

Step 03: Printing the Counterfeit Money

If you have followed the first two steps, it is time to roll your sleeves up, insert the paper in your printer, and adjust your printer settings to print on both sides of a page and print the fake cash. Print as many counterfeit bills as you want.

It is that simple. Get the right paper and a good quality printer and make it rain counterfeit money.

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