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It is safe to say that most of us grew up with meat and dairy on our platter unless we were raised in a commune of hippies. In a complete USA diet, spaghetti and meatballs, macaroni, cheese, and hamburgers are considered staples. Yet, the healthy restaurants near me have created a new movement that has gained traction. The change is also being noticed in the restaurants of New York and Texas as well.

Veganism is known to have transformed from a fringe fad for tie-dye-wearing, patchouli-scented farmers’ market volunteers into a well-known lifestyle selection for growing number of people who ranges from college students to professional athletes in recent years.

The reason for rising fame in Veganism

The several numbers of people who cuts back on meat and dairy are growing rapidly through a vegan diet is not for all. An estimated 36 percent of U.S. consumers selects the dairy or meat alternatives as the real thing. 13 percent of these individuals are with cleaner ingredients, 12 percent with weight loss, and 35 percent are associate Veganism with healthy food with the help of vegan restaurants near me.

Some of the ethical vegans have a lot more moral aversion to harm animals to consume, as well as environmental vegans who are concerned about the impact of factory farming on the planet and resources, in addition to those who cite health reasons for the switch.

Luckily, those inspired to adopt a plant-based diet have many delicious dining options across the U.S. and beyond, with Veganism infiltrating popular foodie culture.

Veganism is now a global movement as it has become more than a hot food trend. An increasing number of people are selecting to embrace this lifestyle globally.

The number of people identifying as vegan increased by 600% over just three years. It is noted from 1% in 2014 to 6% in 2017 in the U.S. alone.

But, several restaurants will stay reluctant to include vegan food in their menu items.

Many restaurants remain hesitant about the addition of vegan menu options despite the rise of Veganism. Perceived lack of demand, higher cost, and the hassle of adding vegan dishes to menus are some of the reasons included here.

Many restaurateurs feel that the vegan dishes will clash with their brand. As customers order them once and do not return, they have removed the vegan options.

Sound familiar?

You might be busy and have many things on your plate. The other thing on that never-ending to-do list is to have to add vegan dishes.
The thing that works here is that you will discover these reasons are invalid. Veganism presents one of the most significant opportunities for vegetarian restaurants near me if you dig deeper into the vegan trend.

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How Restaurateurs Are Welcoming the Vegan Trend

Despite some initially looking at it as a threat, many restaurateurs are supporting the veganism trend. In the past decade or so, the number of restaurants opening that focus exclusively on plant-based diets has grown rapidly.

Compared to 55 in 1993, Vegetarian Journal’s Guide to Vegetarian and Vegan Dishes in the U.S. and Canada now lists 971 restaurants at vegan Arlington, tx. It is considered as almost 18 times more restaurants.

Mainstream restaurants that serve dishes with meat and other animal products are expanding their menus to include vegan cake, meat-free burgers, and even cauliflower wings in addition to the vegan menus.

They have traditionally offered only meat as these restaurants include fast-food chains.

It is now a mainstream that was earlier on the fringes. 2019 was declared as the year of the vegan by the Economist.

More people, including those who eat meat, are consuming vegan food and increasing the number of people identified as vegan.

39% of consumers in the U.S. and 43% in Canada say that they aim to include more plant-based foods into their diet, according to a Nielsen survey. 37% of the 2,000 people polled said they sometimes eat vegetarian dishes while eating out in a recent survey. With a quarter of 25 to 34 years old classifying themselves as vegan or vegetarian, millennials are the biggest drivers of this trend.

The Driving shift to Veganism

There are simply three main factors that are operating here:

  • People are pretty sound in regards to the impact on the environment.
  • While producing food, more consumers are conscious of the treatment of animals.
  • In terms of personal health, people believe that Veganism is an investment.

Various advantages of the addition of vegan dishes to your menu

To benefit from the vegan trend, the healthy restaurants Milwaukee does not have to become completely vegan. The following are four distinctive benefits to include vegan dishes on your menu items:

1. Growth in Your Customer Base

You can capture these customers with even just a few vegan menu items with both the vegans and non-vegans fueling the demand for vegan dishes.

When you are offering these options, the customers will perceive you like a more inclusive restaurant. For the ones who are looking for an alternative dining experience, it would be the best option.

They are likely to tell their friends that will lead to powerful free word-of-mouth marketing for your restaurant since the vegan community is tight-knit and appreciative of restaurants that cater to them, as they are likely to tell their friends.

2. A Sales Boost

It also helps you increase sales when you reach out to a new customer. Depending on which vegan menu options you add or how well you execute your brand overhaul is how the increase in sales will vary by restaurant.

Consider the following to get an idea of what is possible while becoming a 100% vegan restaurant:

17 restaurants reported sales increases of between 10 to 1000% when going vegan, according to a recent informal survey conducted by Kiki Adami, the founder of specialty and hospitality consulting firm Veganizer.

Against a 433% increase in food costs were a vegetarian restaurant Buffalo NY, the restaurant achieved a 1000% increase in gross sales. It is not bad.

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3. The Ability to Retain Existing Customers

Imagine you have Rick as your customer. He regularly comes to your restaurant and consumes only meat dishes. A single day, he wishes to become healthier and reduce his environmental impact. He now starts to eat vegan food, especially ones that are plant-based.

Besides the old salad, however, your restaurant does not offer much vegan food. Your lack of menu options gives Rick no other choice but to start dining at different restaurants offering much more variety, although he loves your restaurant.

Customers will go elsewhere who do not find what they want in a restaurant. You need to ensure that your restaurant offers a diverse range of vegan dishes, too along with the meat options.

4. More Group Bookings

You want to ensure wherever you go something for everyone to eat when you go out with a group to eat. You will probably ignore the restaurants that do not offer vegan dishes is what this means if there is a vegan in the group.
Your customer arrives with not much of a difference here. It will increase the chances of winning those larger group bookings to make sure that you are not losing more than just the vegans having various vegan dishes.

Wrapping up

Let your customers know about the changes after placing all the work, from selecting appealing items that match your brand to train your employees.

Use your restaurant’s social media page to spread the word. You also need to release the images of your new dishes on social media pages.

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