How To Tell If Your Best Friend Is Interested In You

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We get a lot of similar questions here at With this in mind, we refer to our friend Alex Wise – a featured publisher from free dating site who has pinpointed some of the most common signs that can help you determine whether they’re becoming romantically interested in you.

One of those questions regards the age-old situation where a person has begun to fall in love with their best friend and wonders if their best friend is also interested in them. It’s almost amazing how many people struggle in this regard.

But it also makes the most sense. See, when you have a really good friend of the opposite sex its usually for a few reason, but its mainly because you all have managed to share some significant form of chemistry.

And chemistry is the main ingredient for love. As long as their is an actual attraction then you just might find yourself looking for love with your best friend who, well, is likely to be as good a boyfriend or girlfriend as you’re going to find.

But there’s just onnnnnnnnnnne small problem. You have to determine if they’re interested in you. Or even might be. See, while nobody likes looking like a fool, NOBODY wants to lose their best friend in the process. While it does all come down to taking a chance, you do want to make sure that the odds are significantly in your favor.

1. All the time you spend is quality time

The thing about best friends is that you’re already likely to spend a lot of time together. That’s pretty much a given. But when you are actively spending time together where you still manage to learn things about one another and strengthen your bonds. Well, that’s a step in the right direction. Which can lead to….

2. Extended periods of contact and/or “cuddle” time

It doesn’t have to mean cuddling as in actual cuddling, but when you end up watching movies together at the house and are all hugged up with one another, well, its pretty much guaranteed that at least one, if not both, are in a comfortable spot and realize that it may be worth maintaining, even if both are afraid to make the leap. Because this type of interaction leads to lots of…

3. Innocent, but constant, flirting

Most BFFs flirt. It’s hard to ignore humanity. But usually its gets laughed off as just the way you are. If one person flirts and the others reciprocates, even innocently, it starts to pave the way for that doorway to romance.

At the end of the day, if you are curious as to whether or not your best friend is interested in you (as you are interested in them) the signs are the same as with anybody: time, affection, and flirting. The difference here is that you have a bigger body of work to base your suspicion upon. Also, remember this, as your BFF, they would likely not want to hurt you. The most important thing for best friends who don’t want to cross lines is boundaries. Friends respect boundaries, which is likely why they’re friends.

But once you two become comfortable crossing boundaries, it’s likely because there’s more than just a friendly interest there.

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