Taylor Girlz Chart on iTunes With EP No Cap

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Taylor Girlz a rap & dance duo of two sister musicians whose songs and videos are quite famous online. Be it the hip-hop rap songs on iTunes or the famous videos on YouTube, these two sisters have become a sensation among the music lovers online.

Taylor Girlz, a high-spirited pop-rap group of the new era, is all set to provide the music world with top charting songs. The girls got their first major success in their “Woozie” dance video released in 2015. From then there was no stopping the two girls whose music started receiving more views as days passed.

The two sisters are not just young but also have the advantage of being born in the mid-nineties and hence have experienced the major change of phase that occurred in music. If you check out their songs, you can observe that the girls have a flow in their songs and also the lyrics are very creative.

Be it the EP on iTunes (No Cap), or the videos available in YouTube, Hot Cakes or D4Y, the girls have fire in their music. It is no wonder that the girls’ charting on iTunes in South Africa had got the #5 in the list of top 200 in the Hip Hop category.

The Taylor Girlz also in their free time make prank videos. The girls are not just musician but they are good pranksters also. The sisters have posted some really famous and trending prank videos in YouTube and Instagram.

The Taylor Girlz have their own official website where they put up their latest music videos. You can also check out their songs on YouTube and subscribe their channel for latest updates. The Taylor Girlz are quite famous with over 2 million subscribers and millions of views throughout their videos.

Their famous works “Steal Her Man” and “Wedgie in the Booty” had received about 50 million and about 30 million views respectively. The girls have talent in music as well as in making good videos for their songs. The videos blends in perfectly with the music and the lyrics of the songs. It is one of the reasons why these girls keep increasing their view count on a daily basis.

The No Cap EP which the girls had released recently on August 6, 2019 has 8 songs running about 24 minutes. Their famous work “Steal Her Man” had topped the Billboard’s Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Chart and the sisters had also appeared on Pandora Radio’s Trendsetters Chart in November 2016. The two dance singles have received a combined 70 million streams on Spotify, Apple Music, and Vevo.

Make sure you listen to or download a copy of No Cap by the Taylor Girlz on iTunes https://music.apple.com/us/album/no-cap/1474659611 and other major networks such as Tidal, Spotify, Amazon, and Google Play today.

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