Taking Your Business Higher With Cloud Document Management System

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While filing cabinets and photocopies may have been an adequate solution in that past, which won’t provide the speed of access to information that you need in today’s fast-paced, electronic business world.

Therefore, to be able to stay one step ahead of the competition, your employees need to be able get their hands on the information they need quickly, and they need to be able to get at it, whether they are in the office, on the road, or working overseas, and that’s where Cloud-based online document management systems come into their own.

Document management is an everyday task in any business or is a popular term around the business office. Documents and files whether in paper or electronic form are an important component of just any enterprise.

Document Management System


Here are some of the advantages of a document management system:

• Reduced Storage Space
• Improved Security
• Enhanced Regulatory Compliance
• Easier Retrieval
• Improved Collaboration
• Improved Backup and Disaster Recovery

Moreover, Today, International Organization for Standardization certification ISO had been playing vital roles and publishing the standard as well as revising the standard. ISO certification is significant for doing business. An ISO company ensures quality ISO document management software which can be very helpful in improving your company’s prospects.

Orcanos Software was come into existence in the year 2005 by Zohar Peretz and Rami Azulay. Orcanos is the only company that provides integrated software for ALM (Design Control) and quality management (QMS), combined with regulations compliance, and specializes in the medical device industry.

The thing which makes us unique from others is our years of proven experience in a regulated hi-tech industry, working with medical device manufacturers and other high-tech companies, assisting them in building their operational excellence.

By using our vast experience and expertise, along with an ISO document control software and integrated ALM and quality management system, we tailor custom solutions, and sets Orcanos apart from other vendors and consulting bodies in the ALM and quality management domain.

In nutshell, Documents are a company’s most basic asset; therefore, it is imperative to employ strategies that work around saving, securing and managing this vital information more systematically and this can be achieved through a thorough and cloud document management system. It can, therefore, help reduce the overall costs and space of a business and make every day working swift and secure.

A document management software will include a disaster recovery plan and a data backup. With the digital archiving as a backup, your important paper documents are protected from disasters like flood, fire, or earthquakes.

To know more about Orcanos please, call us at +972-3-5372561 or visit our website HERE; https://www.orcanos.com/compliance/

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