Tadalafil: An Efficient Drug To Treat Impotence

Tadalafil: An Efficient Drug To Treat Impotence

Impotence is one of the unpleasant and distressing sexual disorders. If this sexual condition is not treated at an early stage it may lead to extreme psychological problems such as stress and depression. Although, there is a popular oral treatment available, which easily helps to palliate erectile dysfunction to a greater extent, depending upon the degree of severity. The drug is named Tadalafil, which helps an impotent man to make his sexual life more romantic and pleasurable.

Tadalafil is an active drug present. It is marketed under the brand name Cialis. This drug acts to provide prolonged erection for long-lasting sexual intercourse. It is known to give phenomenal desired results.

Mechanism To Restore Erectile Function

Impotence is the result of a lack of blood supply in the penile tissue. An older or younger man can face this problem. The PDE5 enzyme is responsible; to create blockages in the blood vessels of the penile organ. It contracts the arteries and degrades the cGMP molecule. Tadalafil works effectively to inhibit the enzyme and to allow a higher amount of blood circulation in the whole body, including in the male organ. This raise in blood supply is carried out due to dilating arteries. As the blood supply increases it leads to a hard erection.

Due to its rapid action; this drug is usually prescribed to treat impotence. This drug is preferred to be taken on an empty stomach; with a glass of water.


• Consult your doctor before taking this drug

• It should be taken roughly half an hour before involving in sexual activity.

• The whole pill should be consumed, do not break or crush the pill

• 20mg is the standard dosage

This drug lasts in the body for up to 36 hours, and therefore it is also denoted as “a weekend pill”. During this period a man can attain an erection under sexual stimulation; when he wants to relish lovemaking with his partner.

However, if an individual id bearing any other disease or illness as mentioned below; should strictly avoid taking this drug

Neurological disorders

Cardiac disease

Kidney disorder

Liver disorder


Such people should first visit their physician for proper guidance and recommendation. Before prescribing Tadalafil a doctor considers various factors and the medical background or history of a person.

Every medication show some mild side effects and so does Tadalafil. Such mild side effects are common ad tend to vanish after some time.

Common Side Effects

• Headache

• Nausea

• Back pain

• Blurry vision

• Upset stomach

However, it is not a complete list of side effects; if an individual experiences some serious side effects for a long time; he should immediately ask for medical attention.

Precautions to follow:

• Avoid eating grapefruit or grape juice with this drug, it slowdowns the effect of the drug.

• Also, avoid alcohol and smoking.

• After taking Tadalafil; avoid doing tasks, which require complete mental alertness

• Pregnant and breastfeeding women should stay away from Tadalafil

Lastly, Tadalafil is a potent drug that helps to bring back a man’s confidence by improving his sexual life. It effectively fights back impotence.

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