Surprising Health benefits of Getting Sound Sleep

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One should have a good immune system.  Having a good immune system helps the body to repair and regain energy faster. This is really becoming difficult in the current scenario we are living. There are so many factors which depreciate the quality of life and our health. Hence, we are not able to build a healthy immune system. The quality of air we breathe is highly degraded. We rely on poultry or artificial fruits and vegetables. We are not getting organic fruits and vegetables. The fruits and vegetables we are getting are majorly injected. These are some of the reasons for a weak immune system.

Due to a weak immune system we are not able to handle the changing weather conditions. Sometimes it’s difficult to survive in the tough cold weather or to beat the heat. Unbearable weather conditions come with an array of health issues like high fever, cold and flu. One way to stay away from them is to be highly cautious of them. But what if  you are  already suffering from it?

Normally when a person falls sick there are countless health hacks he is asked to follow. But nobody underlines the importance of sleep, the one thing you absolutely need to do in order to restore your health in proper shape.

Sleeping Is The Biggest Medicine :

When you are sick your body and mind needs proper rest. It is often said medicines only work 50% and rest is the quality sleep you take. Your body repairs and grows the most when you are sleeping. So, make sure you sleep well with taking your medicines timely.

David Rapoport, MD, director of the sleep medicine program at New York University School of Medicine says that “Many of the molecules and substances that circulate in our body and also within cells overlap between sleep and immune function ,”
Fever is one of the ways where the body meets the immune system. Your body fights with the psychological diseases through fever. Sleep helps you to fight viruses and germs in an effective manner.

Get Rid Of Cold Vibes Through Quality Sleeping

It is very difficult to breathe when you suffer from fever or cold. Normally, your throat chokes up after coughing for a longer period of time. No matter what all you need to do is to sleep in this miserable condition and waking up only when it gets even better. But sleeping in this condition is  problematic.

We will help you to get out of this miserable condition because we understand quality sleep matters. So, here are some of the tips which can help you to have a restful night:

Make Sure You Are Into The Right Sleeping Zone

It is very important you choose the right environment to fall asleep. It is recommended you opt for a darker and much quieter place to fall asleep. Adding to its best quality bed mattress will enhance the quality of your sleep. Many people also go for only Doctor recommended mattresses to sleep peacefully.

Use A Pillow While Sleeping

It is quite difficult to sleep when you have cold or fever. Sinus  pressure builds when the head is in level with your body. So, make sure you sleep on a comfortable pillow to uplift your nose and throat.

Steam Always Help

Moist and warm air always help your body to clear cough and mucus. It also clears your breathing passages and calms your throat. Setting up a vapourize is also a good idea. You can go for a hot water bath for a good quality sleep.  Drinking a cup of hot tea also helps to get rid of cough stuck in your throat.  You can even breathe the vapors of your tea. It will certainly help you.

Use Gel Foam Mattress

Gel Foam Mattress comes with advanced cooling technology that absorbs the heat released by the body. It creates a comfortable environment where the body relaxes and sleeps.

Bedtime Routine

Especially when you are sick make sure you have a glass of water, your medicines and a box of tissues in reach of a hand. A sudden break in sleep can be caused because of drizzling nose or dry throat. These things by your side will help you to sleep faster again.

Sharing Is Not Caring

Sharing is not caring especially when you are sick. You should stay far from kids or people who can disturb your sleeping. Try to avoid contact with people because fever and cold are communicable diseases.

Hope these tips will help you to sleep better when you are sick.


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