Success Mantras to Expand Your Reach on Facebook Without Paying a Dime

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Your brand isn’t getting the traction it deserves on Facebook? No problem, there’s always a way out. Expanding your brand’s organic reach is easier if you work with a social media marketing agency. But you could always perform a few tactics to contribute to your online success. However, don’t shoot in the dark. Or else, it would backfire.

Building a brand on Facebook is an uphill task. But the tips mentioned here could make it happen. Here are the success mantras to expand your brand’s reach on Facebook in no time:

1. Use a Variety of Post Formats

Always using image posts with a few hashtags on Facebook? Probably, this is the reason for limiting your reach on FB. Any reputed social media marketing agency will rule out this strategy. Using the same post format all the time never yields great results. You should rather use a mix of post formats.

Sometimes, you could post images, sometimes text-based posts with appropriate hashtags while other times, you could post videos. Churning out fresh content in a variety of formats is the key to increasing your brand’s reach that helps to transform your local business into a powerful brand.

2. Go Live to Earn More Meaningful Interactions

Go live and reap high interactions in return! You might be wondering about the need for going live when you are already publishing videos on FB. Posting videos and going live are two different things. Don’t get confused. In fact, live videos earn 6 times more interactions than regular videos. So you could understand its potential. It’s not just about the interaction count but the quality of interactions that bring your brand to the front. So go live and experience the difference.

3. Figure Out the Best Time to Post on FB

Posting on Facebook won’t give you traction if your timing is wrong. Finding the right time to post is the key to getting more views on Facebook. Wondering how to get that much-needed insight? Just log into your Facebook analytics to reveal the crucial insight that gives the right direction to your efforts. It puts a limelight on all the crucial analytics that include, a time when your fans are online, peak days and peak times. Make a note of these times and publish posts accordingly to get noticed the most on Facebook.

4. Start a Contest on Facebook to Boost Engagements

Organize a contest on your brand’s FB page. You would see the engagements triggering to all times high. The tactic works for most businesses. After all, prospects never mind having free stuff. So if you are struggling to get your brand’s reach wider on FB, then you should look to run a contest. How about running a caption competition? Ask your users to provide you interesting subtitles to the image on your FB post. Of course, the best one gets rewarded with freebies. You will likely experience a high number of interactions as this strategy never fails to work.

The Key Takeaway

Expanding your organic reach on Facebook is easier than you think if you know the tactics. Just work out on the key strategies mentioned here and earn the great results you have been waiting to experience for a long time. These powerful FB tactics are proven to work for bringing more engagements that your brand needs it the most. Untap the full potential of Facebook to reach a wider audience and churn out more profits.

Searching for a remarkable social media marketing agency that could drive more engagements to your brand? Work with CM Digital Agency as we create success stories on social media. With skilled social media marketing specialists aboard, driving your brand to success on FB is an easy deal for us. Reach us today to see how we could make it happen.


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