SpyCloud Helping Businesses In Preventing Data Breaches & Account Takeover Attacks

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Account takeover detection, 3 April, 2018: Data breach, intellectual property theft and account takeover attacks, these are few terms which has become very common among the online users in last few years. The number of data breach has increased approximately 45% in 2017 and if not controlled, the amount is certainly going to increase in the coming days, and it is very pertinent that every businessman take appropriate steps to understand how to prevent account takeover from happening in their companies and organizations to save the business, employees, clients and customers from such incidents.


SpyCloud is a very professional company that helps all kinds of businesses by preventing hazardous security incidents like account takeover by taking necessary actions. SpyCloud specializes in account takeover prevention and they alert companies whenever they detect any kind of suspicious changes on company assets.


SpyCloud uses best award winning solutions to help businesses from account takeover incidents which include ATO (account takeover) Prevention, Fraud Investigation, Active Directory Prevention, Corporate Exposure Alerts, NIST Password Enforcement, SpyCloud API and more. The company has a highly specialized information security analyst team who works on account takeover detection by following a highly advanced proactive breach detection solution that helps them to understand if there is anything wrong with company accounts.


SpyCloud takes its pride for helping manyleading companies worldwide with their advanced ATO prevention service and it also welcomes every businessman from every different corner of the world to opt for their service to run their business smoothly without fearing the cyber criminal attacks. For more information about SpyCloud, visit: https://spycloud.com/


About Company: SpyCloud is one of the leading account takeover prevention service providers that helps businesses of all sizes to prevent account security breaches of employees and customers by taking necessary actions through advanced account takeover detection solution through highly specialized security analysts from all over the world.

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