Spending a Memorable Christmas on Your Dubai Package Tour

Spending a Memorable Christmas on Your Dubai Package Tour

Christmas is one of the most joyous times of the year and if you plan your Dubai package tour during this time you are guaranteed to have a unique and unforgettable experience. Dubai is a city which is full of life and offers unlimited outdoor and indoor activities for friends and families to enjoy together. It does not lack the festive spirit of Christmas even though there is no snow or cold weather in the city. There are a number of unique experiences that wait for you and your loved ones in this multicultural city.

Therefore, plan your Dubai package holidays cheap and enjoy the following activities with your loved ones for a unique Christmas celebration.

Enjoy the Christmas Events on your Dubai Package Tour

There are plenty of festivities and events that you can enjoy with your loved ones even if you cannot spend Christmas in the usual snowy weather conditions. Every event you attend in this magnificent city will give a refreshing blast of the Christmas spirit. There are entertaining Christmas shows at the Dubai Opera that include breath-taking performances of orchestras, ballet groups, Christmas carols and so much more. There are traditional Christmas decorations at different venues that also feature a huge Christmas tree and the warm and nostalgic lights. Therefore, if you travel for your package tours Dubai direct flight for Christmas, you and your loved ones will not be disappointed.

Go to the Beach

You will certainly not have the usual Christmas experience in Dubai because there is more sand here than snow. However, this beautiful city guarantees a unique experience for your friends and family on your Dubai package tour as you spend Christmas on a beach, underneath the sun and near the pleasant water. You and your loved ones can plan a picnic and spend the entire day playing on the beach and in the water instead of snow.

Enjoy Traditional Food

If enjoying the traditional Christmas food is an important part of your Christmas celebration then you don’t have to worry at all. There are several dining establishments that prepare three-course meals and feasts that include the turkey, pudding and a great number of other food items. Therefore, if you plan your Dubai package holidays cheap during the time of Christmas you will have no trouble in finding the most delightful festive feasts that will provide nostalgic flavours to your taste buds.

Have a Snowy Experience

If you feel like Christmas is incomplete without the snow then you don’t have to travel all the way back home because Dubai has a bit of snow for you as well. Your Dubai package tour is guaranteed to become more entertaining and memorable if you visit the indoor ski resort in the Mall of the Emirates. This enormous resort has 22,500 metres of ice and snow, different ski slopes that vary in their level of difficulty and a lovely little place that sells hot cocoa. Therefore, you can spend a beautiful time with your loved ones at this resort where you can enjoy the snow and ski while listening to the Christmas songs and carols or you can sit by and delight in a cup of hot cocoa.

Visit the Winter Wonderland

The Dubai winter wonderland at Medinat Jumeriah is another fantastic location that offers an entertaining and memorable Christmas experience. When you travel for your package tours Dubai direct flight, be sure to visit this lovely destination. It features a Christmas market, a North-Pole train ride, appearances by Santa and an enormous snowball zone where you and your loved ones can make a snowman, snow angels and even have a little snow fight on your Dubai package tour.

Attend a Service at the Church

There are a number of churches in the city of Dubai and all of them host services during the time of Christmas. Therefore, if you and your loved ones usually start Christmas day by attending a church service you can easily join one of the churches located in the city. You can also visit any one of the churches on your Dubai package holidays cheap to see the beautiful decorations and listen to the choirs for an uplifting Christmas experience.

Bottom Line!

Dubai is a city of wonders and commendable achievements that attract and fascinate a great number of people from all across the globe. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world because it has wonderful and memorable experiences for people to share with their friends and families. Dubai also offers some of the most unique Christmas experiences for people even though this is not the first destination for the festivity that comes to mind. Therefore, plan your Dubai package tour during the time of Christmas for an unforgettable and incomparable experience and enjoy the above-mentioned activities with your loved ones.

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