Solve Your Cyber Security Challenges & Get Protection Against Cyber Attacks

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In today’s Digital Era, everything is online and computerized. Like advantages, there are also some pitfalls while managing or operating your private, confidential data over the internet. Your important data can be hacked and misused by unwanted threads. Hence, it’s your primary responsibility to protect your business, data, and people from such cyber attacks.

Cyber Defense Group (CDG) is a professional cyber security specialist that offers maximum defense services using exceptional knowledge and the most advanced technologies against today’s advanced threats.

The company recognizes for its highly promising Cyber Security Services such as CCPA Consulting, Cyber Security Program Management, Incident & Data Breach Response and more for helping the world’s most innovative companies to stay secure.

The expert cyber security team at CDG, creates an integrated program that you can manage in-house. Team will also design a centralized program for you that ease your administrative workload, reduces your operating costs, and provides thorough protection.

Most trusted Services offered by CDG to their clients are –

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance,
  • Cloud Security/DevSecOps,
  • Risk/Security Assessments,
  • Privacy and Compliance (GDPR/CCPA etc.)
  • Proactive Security Services

CDG’s Strategic Advisory services allow client companies to implement an experienced and certified CISO-level resource, managed by a fully qualified security team.

About Cyber Defense Group (CDG) 

CDG is an elite group of professionals founded in Los Angeles in 2016. With the great vision of specializing, company serving people of Los Angeles, CA over a decade in- responding and recovering from attacks, defending against future invasions and compliance with evolving global regulations.

They have worked in association with many reputed client’s which includes Blackdaemon, PeerStreet, SHIFT, HerbaLife, MediaSilo, Wirewheel, etc.

To get efficient, effective and effortless cyber security services for your confidential data, hire CDG. Visit to read more about services. You may also call on 888.450.0911 or send an email at [email protected] to know how the team can help you to protect your data.

Address- 555 W 5th Street, 35th floor, Los Angeles, CA 90013

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