How To Solve Garmin USB Device Not Recognized Error

How To Solve Garmin USB Device Not Recognized Error

Reasons cause “Garmin USB Device not recognized” Error

If you are obtaining this error “Garmin USB Device not recognized error” on your Garmin GPS device, then you have to check out for the subsequent reasons that may be causing this problem. Check out the below-listed points to check which of the following basis validate your error:

  1. The USB which you are using is corrupt.
  2. There may be compatibility problem due to some current update on Garmin Device.
  3. Problem with your operating system.
  4. There may be some problem with your computer system Drivers.There may be lots of reasons for this type of error to occur. To resolve “Garmin USB Device not recognized” problem completely, you must get a professional assistance so that you can get a solution for your problem as soon as possible without causing any further trouble.

    These technicians can diagnose the cause of the problem and will give you the mandatory steps to rectify it. Our technical team is very skilled and experienced in solving these sorts of errors.

Solution for Garmin USB Device not recognized error once Connecting Garmin GPS USB Device to your system:

  1. To troubleshoot Garmin USB Device not recognized error, simply follow these simple steps mentioned below:You have to check if your Garmin USB drivers are accurately installed or updated in your system. If not, then do it. If you are not sure about “How to install or update Garmin USB drivers”, just call the Garmin support phone number: +1-844-313-6006 (toll-free).
  2. Try another USB port of your computer system:


– Never try to connect the Garmin GPS device to your system with a USB hub, extension cable, or another external medium.

– If you want to attach the Garmin device on your computer system, then you need to connect the device using the USB port on the backside of the computer, not from the front port.


  1. Try to connect the device to some different computer system


  1. Then Restart your computer and try to connect the device once again.
  2. You can additionally try by changing the USB Selective Suspend Settings, to try this you need to carefully follow the steps mentioned below:- Firstly, go to the “Control Panel” and then on the click “Power Option”
    – Now click on “Change Plan Settings”
    – Go to “Change advanced power settings”
    – In “advanced settings” option click on ‘USB settings’ and after that click on ‘USB – – –        – Selective suspend settings’
    – Here you have to ‘Disable’ both ‘On Battery’ and ‘Plugged In’ settings.
    – Finally, click “Apply” and “Ok”.

    After completing these steps we must sure your all the problem regarding Garmin USB Device Not Recognized Error has been resolved.
    If not-
    Don’t stress and contact us immediately. We provide easy solutions that will assist you to maintain your device’s performance. Our Garmin experts are capable to provide our customers with an instant service no matter time. Do not think twice while dialing our GARMIN GPS PHONE NUMBER: +1-844-313-6006 and get access to perfect service.

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