The Sky ECC 521 is exceptionally potent software

The Sky ECC 521 is exceptionally potent software

Computers have taken over every activity on the earth. The internet has invaded every house in fact, today. Practically, every person sends an email on a daily basis. People use the smartphones and the internet to make banking transactions. They purchase things online. In fact, they share data and information almost on a continuous basis throughout the day and night. It places their data at immense risk. You have hackers and unethical mobile service providers all over the place. You have to be at least a step ahead of them to beat them at their own game. Encromail is one way of doing so.

Encromail ensures that it encrypts the message before it finds its way out from the phone. The message travels in the encrypted form thereby making it impossible for any hacker to access the phone. The recipient has to use the access codes and read the messages. Thus, you protect your messages from the prying eyes of the hackers.

The question arising now is how one can ensure message encryption. The answer is a simple one. There are computer software programs available to do so. Installing the same on your smartphone and activating the application can automatically make it an encrypted mobile phones.

The most advanced program active today is the Sky ECC 521. Let us now see what this program can do for you. Sharing messages is very common today. People resort to instant messaging when both the sender and recipient are online together. It is the best two-way communication channel available today. The PGP software has the facility to store these messages for a day before deleting the same from the system. The ECC software goes a step further and ensures that there is no recording or saving of these messages. In fact, this should be the correct approach. There is no need for saving the messages.

In the case of the ordinary messaging, the servers and the devices store the messages in the system. The ECC has a facility whereby you can make the messages self-destruct after a specific period. The best aspect is that you decide the period for which you wish the messages to appear. At the expiry of the period, the system ensures to delete the messages from the devices and the server as well.

It is an advanced software system. However, not everyone would have this system on their Blackberry OS. This system has a backward compatibility feature whereby one can communicate in an encrypted manner with people having access to the PGP software.

This ECC software can encrypt text messages, conversations, photos, videos, address books, and group chat items as well. You did not have the same facility in the PGP software.

The ECC system allows you to destruct all your data from remote locations. It is handy when you do not have access to your phone for one reason or the other. You may have lost the phone. Someone could have stolen it. By destructing the data from a remote location, you render the phone useless to the finder. More than that, you ensure the safety of the data. There should be no compromise on this aspect in any case.

Thus, you have seen that the Sky ECC software is more sophisticated than the PGP program is. It makes it the software to adopt today for ensuring the safety of the data.


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