Skills An Aspiring Manager Should Have

Skills An Aspiring Manager Should Have
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A certain set of skills are required for professionals from any field to be promoted to managerial positions. The best business managers are good leaders who empower and coach their teams every day. Many MBA courses in Bangalore focus on sharpening various managerial abilities in their students. Some of these skills are mentioned below:

Interpersonal skills

A manager’s responsibility is to build successful relationships. Therefore, every aspiring manager needs to sharpen their people skills. A good leader is respected by his colleagues and good people skills play a huge part in earning that respect. Getting to know your team on both a professional and personal level through various activities is a great place to start. Managers also need to learn the art of being authoritative while still being a team player.


As a manager, you are on the frontlines when it comes to communication between a variety of people including senior management, heads of various departments, entry-level employees and even the CEO. Communication at the workplace may come in various forms – emails, phone calls, meetings, and presentations. Therefore, it’s important for managers to master all forms of communication.


Good communication skills don’t just end with emails and presentations. It is also helpful in keeping your team motivated. You should be able to clearly state their performance expectations and keep them motivated to reach them. Your team should also be able to trust you and share information with you including professional and personal issues.


Delegating workload to their team is an integral part of a manager’s job. However, doing this effectively is harder than it seems. A good manager needs to analyze and identify the skills of its team members and assign them tasks based on their strengths. This not only reduces the workload of the manager, it also increases the confidence and skills of the employees.

It’s true that you can’t learn everything before you start a job. However, employers are looking for various managerial qualities even at the executive level. When it comes to your job interview, make sure to highlight examples from your own experiences that showcase the above-mentioned skills. Best MBA colleges in Bangalore and in other cities make it a point to provide their students with opportunities to develop managerial skills with the help of projects and internships.

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