Shopping Cart Abandonment – How to reduce it?

Shopping Cart Abandonment – How to reduce it?

As a retailer, you often wish that more customers would complete their purchase without leaving their carts. From the recent survey, you know that 3 out of 10 customers abandon the shopping cart instead of the checkout process. This is one of the major reasons which affect the conversion rate of the business. Some of the business owners think that they can increase the sales of a product by revamping their website. Hire Magento Developer India to reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate as well as increase the performance of your online store. Here are some of the proven ways to increase the sale of your E-commerce store.

Implement Exit Popups

Implementing exit intend pop-ups is one of the best ways to get the attention of the customers who are going to exit the page. This will also consistently reduce the number of shopping cart abandon occurs in the website. Pop-ups will increase the revenue by 10%. Normally customers are getting excited if you offer a coupon code on a first purchase.  As a retailer, you can increase the sale by offering coupon code.

Make Navigation Easy

It is a fact that the number of customers quits their purchase while navigating from a product page to the cart page. If there is a number of button or steps present after adding the product on to the cart then the user gets frustrated and move to another site. Make sure you give seamless shopping experience to the users. Consistent user flow will result in giving the best results. Hire OpenCart Developer India to work on the drop off of your website.

Offer guest Checkout

Most of the customers don’t want to create an account to complete their product purchase. Forcing the customer to register will reduce your conversion rate. Normally customers are ready to purchase a product but they don’t want to fill pages of details on making a single purchase. Hire a Coder to customize your E-commerce store and give the best results.

Build trust with security badges

More than 70% of the users are concerned about the security of the website when they made a purchase of a product. You can build trust among the users about your brand by using security badges on the checkout page. You can display the security badges like SSL security in the checkout page.


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